Sorry (I Won't Apologize)

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Have you ever hurt someone by just being yourself? We all make mistakes and sometimes we unintentionally hurt others. I know this feeling, and there will never be enough words in the dictionary for me to use to apologize to this person for what I did; I can say sorry for my actions, but I can never say sorry for being who I am.

Submitted: June 05, 2017

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Submitted: June 05, 2017



Sorry (I Won’t Apologize)

We used to have it all,
And at the end I let you fall.
Though for you my heart it breaks,
I must pay for my mistakes.

Wishing we could go back to the start;
Before I broke your world apart.
As hard as I tried to make you the one I want,
We both know, I simply just can’t.

My love for you was once pure,
But I was also immature.
I didn’t want us to end,
But I’m relieved, I won’t pretend.

I regret breaking your trust;
Leaving the pieces left on the floor like dust.
But I need you to understand,
It was never my intention to cut your hand.

I really hope you know I’m sorry,
But now I don’t have to worry.
Yet I expect you already realized,
For being who I am I won’t apologize. 

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