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The games and shows are based on storylines, have specified rules and are generally run for a fixed term. The duration may vary or change depending on factors such as the budget, program ratings and other variables. If the show maintains its spice and character the duration may prolong and vice versa.

Submitted: June 05, 2017

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Submitted: June 05, 2017



The games and shows are based on storylines, have specified rules and are generally run for a fixed term. The duration may vary or change depending on factors such as budget, program ratings and other variables. If the show manages to maintain its spice and character, the duration may prolong and vice versa.

Sometimes the participants are keen to continue and the audience want the show to go on but the producer wants to shut it down due to various reasons. In that case the end is not mutually decided and leaves feelings of resentment and discontentment.

On the other hand if the audience want the show to end but the producer or the participants want it to continue then its rating drops due to a lopsided deal.

When all parties are aligned to either continue or end the show and make a mutually agreed decision then it is the ideal situation and heralds a happy ending, the perfect culmination of a project.

These are the possible scenarios but what really happens and why does the need arise to end a show or to continue with it? Well, there are some preliminary objectives set that must be met in order to conclude the show while some may develop or evolve during the run. For example, in a treasure hunt game all treasures need to be found. In other shows the key milestones need to be achieved per the original script for the game to come to a logical end. If the storyline is modified as the show advances, the interest level generally goes down. Some may however manage to maintain or even enhance the interest span.

When a superb novel is picked and an appropriate script is written then any changes introduced at a later stage may ruin the whole premise. It is therefore important to maintain the original character of the play.

Assuming the universe is an extremely complex simulation and there are clearly delineated milestones to be achieved before it is wrapped up by the Creator so what might be the likely assumptions in that scenario;

  • The Creator of such a highly sophisticated simulation must have designed it with perfection. By clearly defining the objectives to be achieved and in such case it will come to an end when all the specified parameters are achieved and validated.
  • The Creator of the simulation must have had a good idea about the duration and timing of the project culmination.
  • If the current simulation is to end then there should ideally be another simulation planned right after this one to build on the previous results.
  • In case there are repetitions, monotony, lack of interest and poor performance by the participants, loss of overall spice and heat then there are chances that the time is up and the show is about to be wrapped up any moment.
  • For the play to continue, the participants must try new approaches, new techniques and exhibit rejuvenated creativity to avoid making their audience feel bored who in this case is also the producer of the show.
  • The clues are like adding a new dimension to the show, like completely changing the existing patterns. For the clarity purpose, instead of creating more friction, try to foster harmony. Try to make this world a better place for the existing and future generations. Like working towards attaining gender and race equality. Like establishing new colonies on nearby planets because if they are there then who is going to populate them? They can’t just be redundant. Like finding cures for diseases like cancer and AIDS. Like creating a new and more equitable global economic system. There are too many possible options to choose from. The key is the magnitude of the change and its impact to convince the producer to let the show go on.

What we witness these days is the overall waning creativity. The analogy of the treasure hunt game, almost all finds have been unearthed and there is little left to be discovered. There is nothing novel in music, arts or science, we are just building on previous knowledge, like repackaging old stuff. The technological advancement has negatively impacted the creativity and critical thinking. It is also isolating people from each other than bringing them together. The electronic gadgets and the communication infrastructure are creating distances and rifts rather than bridging them.  There are however some good steps taken by humanity which can be worked on further, like;

  • Research and development in various fields, especially engineering and medicine.
  • A general shift in human thinking towards noble causes like helping others and pooling of resources in wake of awareness created by the unrestrained social media.
  • Desire for voluntary work by masses as a result of positive motivation by a few.
  • Dissemination of information which was previously guarded and as a result an increase in general cognizance level of people.
  • The technology is enabling people to capture instances of brutality, sharing them on social networking sites hence containing such untoward events.
  • A general realization to move away from ostentation and adopt simplicity and resources thus saved to be used for poverty alleviation.
  • More interactions resulting in improved empathy.
  • Issues like deforestation and global warming coming in view and individual and combined efforts by people and governments to reverse it by planting trees and discontinuing use of toxic chemicals etc. In other words, preserving the planet for future generations.
  • A general shift from selfishness to selflessness.

To summarize; If we want the show to go on then we must do things which should assure the Creator of the simulation that we, the participants are keen to continue the show and we are trying hard to play our part well. If we exhibit indifference, greed and lethargy then the game will certainly come to a close.

Why drag it when there is no benefit as such? A win-win scenario for all!



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