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About the "Beast"

Submitted: June 05, 2017

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Submitted: June 05, 2017



The Beast is the largest land animal native to Mother. It is brownish green in color and stands, depending on age, between twenty and thirty feet high and eighteen to twenty feet wide. The legs are disproportionately small for the body, causing the underside of the animal to be hairless from dragging on the ground, and lacking the strength to propel the animal to any degree of speed. Climbing slopes is also a problem for the same reason. Although anyone senseless enough to walk up to the Beast will die instantly, it is common knowledge that a five year old could outrun one. There are three twelve inch claws on each foot that they use to hold the carcass in place as they rip the meat away.

Although the head of the Beast is of proportionate size with the creature and full of teeth, the brain is not. It’s capacity for rational thought is suspect, at best. Some have referred to them as too stupid to live. The only consistent thought that occupies the brain is their need to eat, and they are not restricted to carnivorous diets. When hungry, they feed on vegetation. Although they do live in “Families” of four to six, they have no loyalty to one another when it comes to food. They will fight among themselves.

The Kings of the Lands have petitioned Queen after Queen to do away with the animals and been denied each time. The Queens feel the animal is easily avoided and is needed to keep Mother’s lands clean of carcasses. They only become aggressive when threatened or hungry.

The Beasts are a threat to travelers, the Kings forces, settlements and farms, because of their need to eat. In reality, the Beast prefers their meal to already be dead. They are scavengers and do a good job at keeping Mother cleaned of those carcasses. They simply do not have the speed to hunt. They have been known to feast on sleeping campers that make the mistake of camping in a valley or non-elevated area, however.

Their size and destructive nature has forced the Kingdoms to construct “Beast Walls” around cities and villages. In truth, these walls serve many purposes, but they were named after the creatures, as keeping them out of heavy populated areas was the main function.

The Beast is one of the few animals of Mother that has no fear of or respect for the Queen. To them, she is not just another “Little thing”, she is the little thing responsible for their lack of food supply.

The Beast can be frightened into a stampede by high pitched noises or by one of the smallest creatures of Mother, the Abedi. Many believe it is because the Abedi emanate a high pitched shrill, as squirrels and other Abedi like sized creatures do not concern the Beast in the least, other than as a snack.

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