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commentary - this one is about a girl (Amelia) I met on the cruise. I met her day one in Long Beach and she stayed close to me all the way through.

Submitted: June 05, 2017

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Submitted: June 05, 2017




The sea can swallow me in silence

I’m praying from the edge of my city

The girls of L.A. are an absolute joy

But their bodies are distractions, and they mean nothing to me

You know, they say that liars are pretty

“pretty girls, make graves” I've heard

But her green eyes and accent are fulfilling

Her make-ups on point and she hates cigarettes

She wear’s netting over her underwear and that’s something I love

I became a shell of myself, when my ex threw me out

But your lip ring and this warm weather, has made me feel better

You’re so small and I can’t believe you’re in my bed

Because girl, you’re beautiful but I know that you know this

I really like how you dress, I really like how you speak

You bit my lips every night on the cruise, my insides are dead though

But, I think you know this...

You read my writings on the bed and you cried, I didn't know what to say

When we got to Managua you kept close to me and my family

You’re very small and your skin is pale, but you speak spanish and so they thought you were great

They don’t want me messing with white girls anymore, you’re a white skinned latina

(I think I’m in love)

Could you drown me before we have to go back?

Could you remind me of why I shouldn't feel so sad all the time?

I really like how you wear your shirts inside out

I really like your black hair

It's been months since I’ve wanted to kill myself

It’s been a couple weeks since someone’s cared


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