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Ethen and Jessica are soldiers that defend the world against the PREDATORS that attempt to devour the world. How will Ethen and Jessica save the world from the Aliens? Will humanity win?

Submitted: June 05, 2017

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Submitted: June 05, 2017






by elijah staley


“EHHHHHH!!!!!” You could hear the sounds of the Aliens murdering their victims. Jessica and I got up from our hiding place and kept moving. “This way Ethen.” said Jessica. I didn’t respond. I just followed behind her.


Suddenly an Alien jump from a vent and onto Jessica! I shot the Alien in the stomach, but the acid blood got on Jessica’s shoulder. She grabbed her machete and stabbed the Alien’s head. “Is it dead Jessy?” I asked in fright. I gave a good look at it.


It was blackish brownish colour with a shiny silver head, and a wet look on its body. It had no eyes, but for some reason it could still see. It had a mouth inside a mouth. The second mouth inside the main Alien mouth, it was long and skinny. It was what the newborn was. It is called, “ChestBurster”. The ChestBurster is used to kill its victims, only if it is a adult Alien. The Alien is not called Alien. It’s name is actually, “Xenomorph”.


I walked over to Jessica, and grabbed her hand. I pulled her up to her feet. “Thanks.” I smiled at her. We grabbed our guns and kept moving on. Jessica stopped walking to check her wound. “How is it?” I asked worrying. She smiled at me. “It’s fine, but i’ll live. Let’s just keep moving.” I nodded and helped her walk. There was supposed to be reinforcements at the end of the hallway. Once got to the end, there were people there to help us.


“Get these people settled in!” Yelled one of the soldiers. The soldiers gave us beds and some clothes. We got fresh food and water. The food wasn’t the best, but it was the best we were going to get. After we ate, we talked about where to next hideout was. There was a map on the large wooden table in the main room. “If you guys follow this path there should be a fence there. There will be an abandoned jail there. Be careful, Xenomorphs are crawling like mad inside. But there is a lot of good supplies inside. Make your way through the jail, and back onto the path. Once you keep following it, there will be the next hideout. They’le help you get to the military headquarters.


The next day Jessica and I set off. We were given new guns with full ammo pack. Once we headed out, we got to the jail. We could already hear the sounds of the Xenomorphs inside. Once we got to the gate, we had to climb over it. “Are you sure about this Ethan?” I looked at her and smiled.


“Hold my hand, close your eyes, and take a stroll through a jail like police officers. Accept the criminals are Aliens, and they are loose and are killing everybody. So just hang onto me and relax… and whatever you do, don’t make a sound.” She giggled a little, then smiled, and grabbed my hand. Once we were inside, we got to the wall, and made our way through the jail. I saw a Xenomorph down a hall. It could smell us. I quickly pulled Jessica toward the other room. The Xenomorph quickly looked toward us, but we were already in the room.  It walked down the hall, keep trying to smell us. But I was smart enough to spray some stuff in Jessica’s bad back at home for the bathroom. “What is this stuff Jessy?” She smiled. “Poo Pourri.” I smiled back. “It smells nice.” Jessica giggled softly. I grabbed her hand and pulled her the way we need to go. There were two hallways. One to left and one the right. I looked both ways. I could hear a Xenomorph on the left. Sounded like it was around the corner. I could hear a Xenomorph on the right. Sounds like it was a few rooms away. I walked to the right, and kept moving on. Once we got to the last hall.


A Xenomorph suddenly jumped on me! I tried to push it off me, but it was to strong. I grabbed out my knife, and stabbed its eye. Jessica gave me a mask for the acid. I put it on, and Kept stabbing it. Just then, three more Xenomorphs appeared! I quickly pushed it as hard as I could, and it fell off. I grabbed Jessica, and we ran as fast as possible. We quickly got to the doors, and locked them. I turned around, and walked a few steps. I sat down on the ground, and held onto the side of my neck.


“Are you ok?” Jessica asked very worried about me. I told her I was bitten by a spitter Xenomorph. She quickly ran over to me, grabbed my hand and looked at my neck. There were two holes in my neck. I was poisoned. “You’ll be fine. I know you will.” I smiled and gave her a hug. She was crying. “Don’t die on me Ethan. Not now. Not yet.” I kept hugging her, and said, “I am not dying today. Not yet. Not until you approve.” I got up, and pulled her up.



We kept following the path, until we heard gun fire. I looked at Jessica, and ran toward the hideout. It was overrun by Xenomorphs. I took out my gun. Jessica did to. I fired at the Xenomorphs that were all piled on top of a soldier. Jessica pulled out her machete and threw it at a Xenomorph.


“You two! Get in the truck! Let’s go! Now!” Yelled a soldier. We quickly ran into the truck, and drove off. I looked back at the hideout. There was nothing left. Jessica laid on me, and I hugged her. “You love birds alright?” I laughed and nodded. “Don’t worry. We found out what is keeping humanity from stopping the Xenomorphs.” My attention was suddenly brought to the soldier. “There is a queen, making more of them. If we kill the queen, we win. But the hive is all the way down quarantine. It is in the train tunnels. The queen is in the west train tunnel. But there is a king to. If you kill the queen, the king will take over. The king is in the south train tunnel. There are lots of face huggers there and the normal ones. But this is our last shot of ever defeating those damn creatures.” I nodded, and looked at Jessica. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. Once we got to the military headquarters, we got ready for the mission and headed out toward quarantine.


Once we got there we were already headed for the subway. I looked around at the men. There were about more than one thousand of us here.“Alright men. This is the day we give these bastards humanities true power. NOW LET’S GO!” We ran down into the tunnels. There were already Xenomorphs waiting there. You could see the Queen and the king at the west and south end of the tunnels. I threw a grenade at the queen, but the queen spit acid at it. Facehuggers started coming out of there eggs. I could see chestbursters coming out of soldiers already. I was getting scared. But I need to finish this once and for all.


I quickly killed the Xenomorphs that were guarding the queen with two knifes. I jumped on top of the queen, and kept stabbing it. I grabbed my gun out and a pistol and kept shooting her head. I didn’t stop until she was finally dead. I jumped down from her body, and looked at the king. He was mad. He made xenomorphs less than a second! I was shocked. Jessica threw two knifes at the Xenomorphs. Then Jessica and I quickly grabbed machetes and stabbed the other basterds. I threw a smoke grenade at the king, and threw my machete at his eye.


“EHHHH!!!!!!” screamed the King. Once he stopped screaming, I put my machete in his other eye. He screamed again. His tail suddenly raised to stomach height, and went straight through my waist. “ETHAN!!!!!!!! NOOOO!!!!!!!!” screamed Jessica. She quickly threw a smoke bomb at the king, and dragged me back outside the subway where medics were sitting. They treated me well, then Jessica went back down to go kill that son of a Alien.


Once the smoke cleared from the bomb Jessica threw, she jumped on his back, and ripped open his head where she kept stabbing the back of it. The king finally fell and so did the other Xenomorphs. After the King and Queen died, every single Xenomorph in the world, suddenly dropped to the ground. Dead. Never to wake up ever again.


I opened my eyes slowly. I was in the hospital. Jessica was hovering over me. I smiled at her, and she smiled at me. “Ethen!” she said happily. I giggled softly. I got up slowly and looked around. “What happened?” Jessica gave a frown. “You got stabbed by the King Xenomorph and I had to drag you to the medics outside of the subway. But all the Xenomorphs are dead. We won Ethan!” I smiled at her. Jessica hugged me. She was so happy I was alive. “Oh Ethen. Remember when you asked me if you want to go for dinner? Yes… I will!” I smiled. I kissed her cheek. She laughed and hugged me. From that day forward. Humanity never dealt with Aliens ever again.


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