The Trip To Enrail

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Enrail is but a short ways from Almanek and Sor is taking the students on a trip. However, things start to unfold as Elmak tries to get to the hareiot and people will no longer be the same.

Submitted: June 05, 2017

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Submitted: June 05, 2017



Elmak falls back into his bed. His dream of the previous night still fresh in his mind. “Mace and Ishrak” he kept repeating to himself “where have I heard these names?”

He decides it’s futile to try and remember. More importantly as Ranto pointed out, he’s going to be late for the hareiot. He jumps out of bed yet again, this time grabbing his cloaks and uniform. Rushing down the stairs he nearly trips but is able to keep his footing as he runs into the main dining room.

Ranto and his partner Nin Dodrac were eating already.

Usually for breakfast it’s a feast. Eggs from the poultry, meat from the cattle out back and fresh juices of all variety. Some being of fruity grounds, while others coming from combinations of herbs and roots.

All together it is a mighty feast that makes Elmak’s stomach growl. However, today he would have to pass for he overslept (Which in his opinion is better than eating) so he simply grabbed a glass of redrose and tirlup juice. This was his favorite as it produced a sweet yet powerful kick to wake him up completely.

After stealing an egg he runs out the door without a second thought. 

Ranto sitting down smiles as he watches Elmak run through the curved streets of Almanek.

“You know he’s going to cause a racket running at those speeds.” Nin says.

“He’s still a young one Nin. Too blind to worry of such mild problems. He’s learning to adapt to present problems but I believe he’s hiding something from us. Did you hear him last night?” Ranto answers.

“Can’t say I have. Is something bothering you?” Nin says worryingly as she sits back down.

“I have lost some of my sights. I can no longer see past Enrail to the west. I believe a darker power is coming.”

“Oh you and your stories of darkness and evil. I’m no child so we need not talk of such stories.”

The two left it at that. Eating quietly but keeping a very heavy weight of conversation in the air.

Meanwhile, Elmak has made it to the central market. It was nearly sunbreak and Elmak could almost hear his teacher and trainer yelling at him for being late. However, this was no new feeling for him as he was always one to take an extra minute or two to see how fast he can get to his destination but today it was vitally important to be able to reach the hareiot on time. It was going to Enrail.

The supposed valley where the great war once took place. The place where all of the land can be seen.

So through the market he ran. Not giving a second glance to his sides or looking back. Through the windy street he passes many familiar shops as well as the small booth of El who knew Nin very well. In fact the two were almost inseparable. They knew each other since childhood and cared greatly for one another. So he continued his journey past the booth but not getting far as he now he trips on a simple stone that took him off balance. He fell but before hitting the ground he remembered of the time and the disappointment he would cause with all his friends. 

As if a miracle came into being he didn’t hit the ground. He was flying after all. He was mere feet from the ground however he was gliding on air. He looked to his left and right and found his arms to not be there but instead replaced with wings.

He was a dragon. Not too large but undeniably he was one. Panic came across the market as many spellcasters ducked out of the way as he made his way through the street. It took a mere minute to finally get out of the market and thank goodness for the moment he fully realized everything that was going on he looked at his arms and saw arms. He crashed into the ground, slow to get up. He sat for a second to catch his senses and perhaps find an answer to as what he just experienced.

“I’ve seen a lot in my time here but never have I seen myself become that.” He tells himself.

Time was pressing and he looked back at all that he passed and to his surprise nothing was broken or remotely damaged. He was able to maneuver through the narrow market without doing any harm.

Of course now an out roar has begun and many people began looking for answers at why a dragon was in this part of the land and more importantly how it was able to get through the barrier that protects the village.

However, nobody suspected it to be Elmak as he was still a child and considered a spellcaster.

The only person who remotely saw what has happened was El. She watched Elmak get up slowly and look around. She glared at him for a long period of time until he ran off.

“What is a Meldane doing here? I believed them to be murdered in cold blood by their creator. So how can it be that another holds this power?”

She sat back down pretending that she did not see anything and avoiding questions of others if she knew of what happened. It troubled El. For Meldanes were meant to bring negative predicaments into unwilling places. She made the choice to visit her friend Nin as soon as she saw fit and question her of the knowledge she has of the boy.

Back to Elmak. He has arrived to his destination with seconds to spare. The hareiot was about to take off as Elmak arrived. Of course being the student he is Elmaks trainer was not surprised.

He dismounts from the hareiot revealing a large buggy with all the children inside as well as 12 hares side by side ready to pull it at the riders will. The hares however were much larger than most. Approximately 3 feet tall weighing in at 40 pounds these little fluffballs were more dangerous than the eye can presume as their diet consisted mostly of bone and lean meats.

Elmak with his head down says “I’m sorry sir, I have overslept yet again.”

“Not to worry boy. Now lets get a move on. These beasts are ready to ride off without us.” His teacher responds.

“Yes sir.”

“‘Hey Elmak.’ Elmak turns around to face his teacher. ‘call me Sor.’”

“Yes... Sor.”

Sor was an older gentleman. Once a great warrior, served with the Elves and Meldanes he was known throughout the village. Suddenly, he disappeared for many months returning with little belongings and a large wound on his left arm.

He decided to retire from his profession as a warrior and instead teach the young self-defense and train them in the arts he learned from the Elves.

So once again Sor boards the hareiot and Elmak follows.

With a final glance to the rider he let him know it was time to depart. 

As they were leaving the outer boundaries of the village and it’s protection Sor glances back at the village and sees El standing there with her troubled face. He waved to her and she waved back.

Noticing her troubled look he turns to the students and when none were looking he turned back and signaled that he will watch over them.

El standing on a rock turns and walks away slowly to go meet with Nin and Ranto at the top of the hill.

Back in the hareiot Sor turns back to the students “Alright. Who’s ready for Enrail!” he exclaims.

The kids cheer at the thought they are finally leaving their homes for a day to see the outside lands of their village.

Down they went the mountain singing old tunes:

The mountain covers the greener lands

Never too hard to have working hands

The days are bright, the nights are old

And together we shall be strong and bold


Down we go to the mighty valley

To see the streams and dilly-dallys

We hope to go and return again

Before we grow old again.


And off we go to Enrail.

© Copyright 2020 Musky. All rights reserved.

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