the red strings of fate: the legend of a girl and her soulmate

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a girl who struggles with an unknown illness wants nothing more then love.

Submitted: June 05, 2017

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Submitted: June 05, 2017



The steady beat of a heart monitor machine and the tick of my watch’s clock. My condition? Unknown, something that is not prone. My vision is fading, my life is trading with my colored vision for it to continue sustaining (along with other things). Nothing of color anymore, except the red strings that I see connected to people’s pinkies. I don’t know when I started to see these things they’d just always bring curiosity. The string on my mom’s hand is connected to my father’s. Even my sister, who is only seven, has a string. I'm not sure who hers is connected to, nor what they mean. They say I’m delirious, stuck in a world of hysteria brought by my illness. They’re wrong, I’ve always seen these things tangled in their array of mockery. The days pass by as if the sands of time are slipping away faster every second. So I had gradually became blind to the strings, only seeing them at times when I couldn’t think. When I wasn't trying hard to forget them. I regret thinking so much into it. Yet the existence of these strings confuses me, what could they be? Why does everyone have one...but me? I asked one time, what they were. I was responded with weird stares and sneering glares. It seems no one else can see them. There is not a single source that contains knowledge on this topic. One day though, it was so blatantly obvious to me that I understood perfectly. The girl in the other hospital bed, just put there recently. Today a guy came in with the end of her string. They held hands and smiled together. They must be meant to be, forever. Soul mates, it's connected to your soul mate. The person you’re meant for, and there can be no debate. Brought together by fate one would say. I envy everyone who has a thread. Maybe it’s something you simply must be bred for. I wake up every day, wondering if it’ll continue on this way. No string, no dreams, nothing. Even criminals have their partner, so what about me? Do I have some kind of armour that guards and keeps these string out?

“How are you Selene?” I wake up from my daydreams. Scan the room, my surroundings. Ko, a friend of mine, sits right next to me. They come to visit me almost everyday at the hospital in a loving way. It’s a different kind of love.

“I don’t feel any different then I did yesterday.” I respond as if just living isn’t enough. I realize I’m being selfish in the want for something like this, but without it I feel like I’m stuck in a dark abyss of hopelessness. I’ve seen so many people with their soulmate, and it seems so magical. Out of everyone in the world you find that one person who was made just for you.  It gets dark, Ko leaves and I breathe a mellow yawn since I’m now at ease. No one to worry over me and make me feel bad about being sick. Maybe love is the cure for my illness. I felt this was true, and even assured myself of it.  I lay down on the stiff bed, and rest my head. Closing my eyes, the darkness envelopes my mind.

The bright light floods my room, causing my curly hair to shine (albeit a grey shine) I could tell it was a warm light, sunshine. The morning had come, I get up look at the sun through my window. As I stretch I catch a glimpse of a new path, a new road. Something strange and bold. A string...on my hand. I have a string, I’m in disbelief. The clock keeps ticking and my heart beats as if it's going to be ripping out of my chest. Just then Ko walks in bringing a letter from my parents who always send the letter through them. Since they don’t have time to walk in themselves, because they’re working in a hell like place to pay for my stay here. I scramble out of bed to them, trying to be quiet for the other sleeping patient, but I’m not able to contain my excitement.

“Ko! Ko!” I yell as I run over to them wobbly. I fall when I get to them my legs collapsing, my bodies so weak it's hard even to do simple things. They grab onto me so I don't fall completely.

“Be careful, you aren’t ready to be doing things like that yet. What’s wrong?” They say, scolding me for running so recklessly.

“ see, if I told you you wouldn't quite believe me,” I begin.“We need to leave right now.” Urgency drips of my words. I give them a pleading look.

“Selene, you’re sick. If I take you on a trip without the doctor's permission we’d both get in trouble. Not only that your condition can get worse.” They seem set while saying this. I can bet they won't come with me. The clock seems to be ticking faster every second I waste. I need to make haste.

“I’m going with or without you. This may be my only chance.” I say, hoping my seriousness comes across. They seem at a loss and stay behind as I walk to the door, opening it slowly. The staff is busy at this time of day. They might not notice if I pass by.I need to walk carefully since I’m weak. In that case I'll create a diversion.

“Nurse! Someone collapsed by the elevator.” The nurses and doctors race down the hall, I slip by and disappear as if  I was never there at all. I walk out into the street, desperately searching for where the string may lead. As I continue walking I am halted.

“Wait,” a voice out of breath calls. I turn to see Ko, who had seemingly followed me. I give them a questioning look. “Well I couldn’t just leave you, tch.” They’re annoyed, I can tell, but them coming after me is a bit heartfelt. They’d never admit it though. I laugh to myself and now it was their turn to look strangely at me.

“Let’s go, shall we?” I smile at the thought of having company on my journey. They follow behind me as the string leads me on.

After several weeks of wandering, we had no more money and found ourselves pondering how we will get by. The string was getting thinner, and so were we. We’re close though, and so we moved on until we got to a home. I could see even less color now, everything was progressively getting lighter, but this house felt golden. They must be in there. They have to be my soulmate. I step up to the entrance, and knock which is a chore since my muscles have been sore. I continue through the pain, hoping my new found love will clear me of this migraine. Someone opens the door and I fall to the floor. I’m elated, the string is on their finger it truly was fated. My vision fades completely, I feel like every weight I’ve ever had in my life is lifted away. The tick of my watch has finally stopped. Everything has faded away. Oh, what a joyous day.


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