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Saw you showing off on media, and it tears my heart knowing you're not mine.

Submitted: June 05, 2017

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Submitted: June 05, 2017



It sort of tears me up inside

To see that you do not hide

Your beloved body parts for others to see

Why the fuck do you do this to me


You have such a lovely cock

I get it, you want to show how big it is, this is no big shock

But it makes me feel like nothing

The way you let you expose yourself is disgusting


Okay okay maybe I'm wrong to judge

I'm sure this hurt won't become a grudge

Though it hurts me well within

Thoughts of you is where pain begins


Of you having sex with any other

God I want you to be my only lover

Why does it feel like our end?

Why do you just want to be friends?


You said that we should keep it friendly for right now

After your troubles is getting back on track something you'd allow?

Or is it over and done with for all time

Are you saying that you could never be mine?


Anyway what struck me with sadness was your pic on the gram

God it pisses me off that you don't give a damn!

I care so damn much is something you don't get

People want you, and you'll let them have you I don't have to bet.


I'm nothing to you, nothing at all

But I think I love you, I'm going to fall

Love is to strong a word I take it back

I get so jealous with people seeing you and that is a fact.




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