An Awkward Night - A Stranger at Dine.

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Submitted: June 05, 2017

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Submitted: June 05, 2017



I run beneath the rain to my usual place to dine,

it's passed midnight, a very awkward time.

I sit at a corner of this place full of people,

it's truly unusual, in this awkward night.


My music plays loud, yet, hear the distant rain,

I taste my awesome meal, as my eyes rest on a man. 

He's not alone, there's two more with him, 

all of them in their thirties, or late twenties. 


At first, they were just men, until I feel I am seduced by him.

I hold onto my spoon tight, whilst my heart skips many beats. 

He is in a green-silver shirt, his skin has a tempting olive touch.

His face is a special creation, his body of a Greek god.


Time flew by, as usaul it's late, 

I need to get back, to stay more, no I can't.

It's sad, only I held him in my gaze,

not even once seen by him, I quietly walk away.

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