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poetry written to metal, ah there goes the petal...

Submitted: June 06, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017





reward falsehood with truth

finding retribution forsooth;

too many a chance was given

now the sinner is burning

(you dug the hole smiling)


here: have an easy fortune

only to find wicked boon;

sociopath worker swoon

shake a hand, predator groom

meet anti-bull, ancient anger rule


tall beggar learning, mind grind

find a fair friend or fetid fiend;

you choose your fate finished

now karma comes grinning

(burn now or purify flint)


in pans of great flame

burn attitudes of the vain;

I am the solid rock face

stealing your jealous grace-

what's that, you want peace?


vengeance sprang from mercy again

(when will forgiveness return man)

a greater anger than older other spend

fastidious shadow finds sharp endow

(don't seek flesh, but soul to rend)


convince this not to unleash a grimace

crimson dye is a poor excuse to lie,

pretending and thinking excuses (right?)

now earth falls beneath or fie finish

(handhold crumbles brightly diminish)


meld muscle with hew, find bone anew

those fighting to scare are aft askew;

beware silent monk, timid plonk

first thanks, then longshanks

(draw them from the banks, grates)


you were allowed a path

now deviate, forging fast

chaos approaches graft

and I leader of boat's aft

I'll cover your past waft


after two passes, then the fastest

hunt (driving down) mastiffs;

what is fear but an unknown weird

then a realized peer, greeting and steer

(set sails for near or crash all for a dollar)


he is so selfish

drowning in a dervish,

the traps of fate clench

even patient ones' wretch

(next time, no fetch)



© Copyright 2017 James Peña. All rights reserved.

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