Evening Stars

Evening Stars

Status: In Progress

Genre: Literary Fiction



Status: In Progress

Genre: Literary Fiction



"It's because when I look at the stars I look at the past.. I like past.."

"Past? I like future, because you can change it!"

"And I like past because you cannot change it.."
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"It's because when I look at the stars I look at the past.. I like past.."

"Past? I like future, because you can change it!"

"And I like past because you cannot change it.."

Chapter1 (v.1) - Who is Michelle Jones?

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 06, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 06, 2017



Of course in this world to aim for anything is possible, to dream for anything is possible.. But sometimes, sometimes we fall short of people who offer us shoulder when we cry.

So we continue our lives without them. Some continue without them, some keep searching them..

Some find.. Some never find.. And some are forever in the dismay whether those people are  the ones or not.. Fear and sadness.. Cover their soul..... Forever..


Reminiscing memories was one of her favorite thing to do. She would just sit and think about all those times and feel all those emotions of happiness all over again. Soon after that she felt remorse.

Just sitting idle and dreaming was something others would comprehend but who knew that it was the only best thing of her life.

'Yes! you answer' "Excuse me!" 'Perfect answer'  "Hello?" 'Which book do you refer?' "EXCUSE ME?"  She lifted her shocked face that was buried in her math formula book. A pen in her left hand and a notebook to write the formulas. She blinked as she came back from her one of the favorite memories in which her science teacher was praising her during high school.

His voice was rather heavy but respectful. He was surely annoyed because she won't answer despite his calls from the next bench in the library. To reach where she sat was itself an irritating job. Secondly her weird attitude of dreaming was more maddening to him.

He looked at her light brown eyes as he asked,
 "Is Michelle Jones in your class?"

His right hand had a long thin book that looked like a magazine. He stood there as the girl took her time to answer.

"Who is Michelle Jones?" her voice was light, face totally blank.

"You are from math division right?"


"And you don't know Michelle Jones?"

"No I don't know.." her face was still blank, she waited for a few seconds.

For the sake of formality she asked, "How does she look like?" her tone clearly indicated how uninterested she was.

"She is tall and carries a brown color bag."

"Oh! Yeah I know her.." her reply was so quick, no one would believe she thought and answered.

The boy got relieved as he asked with the most requesting tone he could make,

"Can you give her this book?"

"She hasn't come today!"

"Can you give her tomorrow?"

"What if she doesn't come?"

"What if she does?"

"What if she doesn't?"

There was silence for a whole three minutes as the boy swallowed his disgust and rage that was caused because of an arrogant blank girl's pessimism to whom he was forced to talk and ask for a favor because he didn't have any choice. And that too in a library.

He hated libraries a lot. The reason wasn't the tense and silent environment or the ignorant librarians, the reason was those nerdy  arrogant people to whom the seats of the library made them feel like a king of empire, just like a paradise and due to which each disturbance caused to them was dealt with rudeness.

He thought and he said, "If she doesn't come tomorrow return this book to me.. I'll come here tomorrow."

She thought for a second and she replied, "Okay..What is your name?"




The girl nodded as he continued "Give the book to her and say Jerry has said thank you."

"Your name is Jerry? Its Taren right?"

"Yeah but it's from someone else.. Please give it to her.. "

The boy kept the book on the table, as he couldn't take her arrogance more.

He walked till the door, with thoughts in his mind about Michelle's sudden absence.


He almost reached the door when he suddenly realized something, he headed back to the corner most seat of library where she sat, near the window.

He almost reached there as he asked, this time with a louder voice because he knew she would be lost in thoughts, "What is your name?"

This time she answered quickly.

" Sylvia Danes!" She didn't bother looking up.

'Sylvia Danes.. I still remember that  sound of her name from her uninterested voice.  I really thought she wanted to get rid of me and continue to study. Nerdy people do that. I hope now she understands  how scared I felt of giving Michelle the book. I didn't wanted her to think that I was like a servant to Jerry.'

Writing.. Writing was one of the most important things for him to do. Writing gave him a lot of insight. Right from his childhood he carried bundles of diaries with him. He always felt more comfortable expressing himself to the diaries than to people who just pretended to pay attention. He considered understanding people as the best talent anyone could have.


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