Death Penalty

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The final moments of a man before his execution, but did he deserve it?

Submitted: June 06, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017



I was hustled from my deep slumber by guards banging on my cell door. “Rise and shine, pumpkin” one of the guards said, as the other guard laughed. I sat up in my “bed” as my cell door was opened, and an official looking person stepped in “Craig Reskovic, found guilty of 1st-degree murder, born September 28th, 1994, is this you?” “Yeah” I replied “today is the day you are to receive your death sentence, you are aware of this, right?” “Yes” I replied. “Follow me” said the official man. I stood and followed him down the corridor. Everything felt like it was fake. Like it staged for a TV show. I was half expecting to hear game show music playing and the laughing of a crowd. But I didn’t. All I heard were my own damned footsteps and the buzzing of doors being unlocked as I was led away to my death. I had told them 1000 times it wasn’t me. I didn’t kill him. Someone else shot him. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and I copped the blame for someone else’s actions. The corridors seemed so dead. The walls held no remorse. This place had an unforgiving atmosphere. You could feel the pain of others in the air. You could hear the suffering in the echoes of the dead walls. It was like a fabrication. Was I dreaming? Was this actually happening, or am I lost in my own head? Before I knew it I was in the chamber, being led to the electric chair. I stopped for a moment as I laid my eyes on the chair. This room felt disgusting. The souls of those who were killed in this room still lingered like the stench of a dead corpse. I felt the dead watching me as I was strapped into the chair, and the metal cap placed on my head. An emptiness flowed throughout me. Why should I suffer for something I didn’t do? Why must I pay the ultimate price? Why have I been forsaken to live a life of nothingness? The many questions of life. The answer to all eludes me, it’s like trying to catch the air in your hands. Air is everywhere, just not where you want it. I was brought back to reality by the loud counting down of numbers. And with a loud clank, the searing fire flew throughout my body with speed. I had the answers to my questions now. I smelled the stench of my own seared flesh, heard the bubbling of my skin and my muscles ripping from the violent contractions. Despite the pain, I was still thinking. Of my family and friends. I had lost them all once I was “convicted” They’d probably laugh at me if they saw me now. Then I felt the voltage increase. I knew it would be over soon now. My muscles were all torn and my flesh melted into the chair. One final shock was all it took for my eyes to explode out of their sockets. Then the electricity stopped and I felt the pain fade away, as the room quietened and I fell into an abyss of death.

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