The Legend Of The Hydra

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Submitted: June 06, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017



It was summer of the year 2008. ‘Be quiet please,’ the librarian said as she walked by. ‘This is a library.’ Tom, Kayla, Rebecca and Jake were researching about myths for their school assignment in the cool, quiet library of Sunshine Ville. They thought it was a rather boring subject to research but that thought soon ended when they had read bits of [Monsters and Creatures of the Legends]. [Monsters and Creatures of the Legends] is a quite old and dusty book that is probably just as old as the Vikings. ‘Hey guys!’ Jake said loudly. ‘Here’s an interesting monster.’

‘I thought I had warned you guys already,’ the librarian said. ‘One more time… And you will be banned from the library for two weeks!’

‘Sorry guys.’

‘It’s alright Jake,’ Kayla whispered.

‘Let’s look at the monster already!’ Said Tom quietly.

They opened the book to page 1321 and on the dusty, old page was about two thousand words written on one page. At the top of the page was a heading: The Hydra also known as The Lernaean Hydra. The heading was written in a bold italic writing. ‘Wow…’ Rebecca gasped. ‘That’s a lot of words…’

‘Wait a minute…’ Kayla said. ‘On this page, it says that the Hydra will be awaken tonight at midnight in the cave of Sunshine Ville. In other words, Sunshine Ville; our town will be in danger if we don’t do something about it!’

‘Seriously?’ Said Tom. ‘You seriously believe this stupid book?’

‘It’s not stupid Tom,’ replied Rebecca calmly. ‘It’s written by Leonardo da Vinci.’

‘Sure,’ snorted Tom. ‘It’s written by Leo da Vinci.’

‘Umm…’ said Jake. ‘It says that it is written by Leonardo da Vinci on the front cover.’ Jake closed the book and pointed at the author’s name. ‘What the…’ Tom said speechless.

Jake put the book back onto the shelf he had found it from. ‘Guys, come to my house tonight at eight o’clock.’

‘Ok Jake,’ Jake’s friends replied. Then Jake went home and as soon as he got home he turned on his laptop and did a bit more research on the Hydra. Time passed by as quickly as the thinnest hand on a clock. When the hour hand had just landed on the eight the doorbell rang. Jake quickly ran to the door and welcomed his friends. ‘Nice room Jake,’ Rebecca complimented as they walked inside. Jake’s room was full of soccer posters and colourful stickers of all kinds. ‘Thanks Rebecca,’ Jake said. ‘Anyways, I have found crucial information about the Hydra.’
‘Well, what is it?’ Asked Kayla.
‘I have found out that the Hydra sleeps at night like most creatures do. So… If we attack the Hydra at night we might have a better chance at killing it. But… The Hydra is extremely sensitive to sound so we’ll have to be as quiet as we possibly can.’
‘Who said that we’re going anyways?’ Asked Tom coldly. ‘there is no way I’m going there to risk my life!’
‘Fine! Me and Kayla will go with Jake,’ said Rebecca not so calmly.
‘Fine… I’ll go!’ Tom replied quickly with anger.
‘Good. Thanks everyone,’ Jake said cheerfully. ‘We’ll go to the cave at midnight but in the meanwhile, let’s do some research.’

Time flew by just as quickly as when Jake had been waiting for his friends to come while doing research. It was midnight already and the friends set off to the cave of the Hydra with a cased steel katana that Jake had found in the attic. ‘Where did your family even get this katana?’ Tom asked.

‘I don’t know,’ Jake replied. ‘I never knew that there was a katana in the attic. Until now…’ They walked towards the dark stone cave and their town had quickly zoomed out of view. ‘So, this, is it?’ Kayla asked.

‘Yep,’ Jake replied with excitement. ‘This is the cave of the Hydra. You ready?’ Jake’s friends replied with a yes and started searching for the entrance. ‘This is going to be as easy as pie,’ Tom said with confidence. Minutes have passed and they had not found the entrance yet. ‘Where’s the entrance?’ Kayla asked.

‘The entrance must be somewhere,’ Rebecca said. Clunk! ‘What was that?’ Jake questioned. ‘I don’t know,’ Tom replied. ‘Though I may have stepped on something.’

‘Look!’ Rebecca said aloud. ‘There’s the entrance.’ She pointed to a large opening in the rough stone surface. ‘Be quiet Rebecca,’ Kayla whispered. ‘You’ll awaken the Hydra.’ After a long silence, they had decided that it was safe to enter. They walked through the large opening at a slow pace. Some time had passed since they walked through the entrance and they had not seen the Hydra. The passage was a highway that had no cars. The passage was long and wide and that made Jake think that they should turn back but his instincts told him not to. Then… There was a grumble from ahead.

They knew that something was ahead…’That must be the Hydra!’ Rebecca assumed. They agreed and started walking faster and the end of the passage was the Hydra. The Hydra was lying on the stone ground, making sounds by breathing in and out and the Hydra had three heads. ‘At last,’ Tom said slightly louder. ‘We have found the Hydra.’

‘Quiet,’ Rebecca told Tom quietly. ‘We must not awaken the Hydra.’

‘Rebecca is right,’ Jake whispered. ‘Follow my lead and don’t say a word.’ They slowly approached the Hydra and the Hydra breathed out fire just as Jake stepped near the Hydra. Consequently, Jake’s T-shirt was set on fire and the fire was 1000 degrees. Jake ran around quietly, desperate for water as the hot, blue flame continued burning his T-shirt. After some running Jake had found some water behind the hydra and quickly put out the fire. A wave of relief rushed over him. ‘You alright Jake?’ Tom asked kindly.

‘Yeah, I’m alright,’ Jake replied.

‘That’s nice of you Tom,’ Kayla said with a hint of mock.

‘You’re so annoying!’ Tom shouted, obviously annoyed. ‘Grrrr…’ something growled. They all looked back and behind them was the Hydra wide awake! The Hydra shot out hot blue flames out of his mouths like rockets. They dodged the flames easily but the Hydra tilted its head towards them and shot out more flames. Jake, Rebecca, Tom and Kayla all jumped back but Kayla was hurt by a sharp rock and her leg was bleeding. Rebecca went to help Kayla while the boys threw sharp and jagged rocks at the Hydra’s eyes thought they missed. The Hydra bent down again and Jake unsheathed the katana and cut one of the Hydra’s heads off but two heads grew in its place. They continued throwing the rocks at the Hydra and the girls started throwing rocks at the Hydra too, though the Hydra turned those rocks into dust using its extremely hot but small, flames. Its flames were hotter than ever and it was about ten thousand degrees! ‘You two keep throwing the rocks at the Hydra,’ Jake told Rebecca and Kayla.

The girls obeyed and the boys unsheathed the katana from its case and charged at the Hydra while pointing the katana at the Hydra’s belly. Then… In a split second, they had heard the katana stab into the Hydra’s belly. ‘Yes!’ Tom shouted. ‘We killed it!’

‘Umm…’ Rebecca said. ‘You might want to reconsider that.’ Tom and Jake looked back and saw that the Hydra was still alive so they pulled the katana out with two thirds of their strength and stabbed it into the Hydra’s heart. ‘Done!’ Tom shouted in triumph. They all celebrated with a victory dance except for Kayla but then they had realised how serious Kayla’s cut was. The cut was about four and a half millimetres deep and her leg was covered in dark red blood. They quickly helped Kayla get up and carried her and ran as fast as they could through the no longer endless passage. But… When they had got to the entrance they had found that the entrance had closed itself. They kicked the cold hard stone. Then, there was a sudden kaboom! The stone entrance had been blasted open and stone flew everywhere and some of the chunks had hit Jake, Tom and Rebecca. Everything had gone blurry and the four were all extremely weary.

The next thing they knew… They were in a hospital, on a bed and all their wounds had been bandaged. Kayla had to get 3 stitches on her leg and they had all been hurt by the explosion but the nurses had done a very good job at bandaging their wounds. Jake laid awake on his bed, wondering how they had found them. ‘We saw your laptop screen Jake,’ a voice said. ‘That was very risky thing to do. Fighting the Hydra… Adults had tried to kill it before but had never come back.’ It was as if that person could read his mind. The voice had become very clear to Jake and he immediately knew who it was. He looked to the side and saw his mum sitting on a chair next to his hospital bed. ‘It was risky but very brave of you to do, sweetie.’

‘Yeah but I wouldn’t have done it without my friends,’

‘Get a good sleep Jake,’ his dad said, tucking him in. ‘You have something very important to go to tomorrow morning.’

‘What is it?’ Jake asked.

‘You’ll see,’ his mum replied. Jake became very sleepy and fell asleep.

Next morning came very quickly and Jake woke up at eight o’clock in the morning. ‘Good morning Jake,’ Tom said. ‘You feel alright?’
‘Yeah, I’m good,’ Jake replied. ‘How are you?’
‘I’m fine.’ Jake got up and got dressed. Then, Jake and Tom met Rebecca and Kayla at breakfast. They said that they were fine too. For breakfast, they had perfectly toasted toast, a nice flaky omelette with an unknown syrup on top and a cup of fresh, sweet and cold milk. After breakfast, they went to the town hall. Then, the mayor invited them on stage. ‘I thank these young heroes for their bravery and kindness by fighting the terrifying Hydra,’ Whitney the Mayor of Sunshine Ville said. ‘They had risked their lives for the safety of this town. Therefore, I award them each, this badge of honour and ten thousand dollars. Also, the katana that had killed the Hydra and the Hydra will be displayed in our new museum!’ Mayor Whitney gave the four heroes each the badge of the honour and a square package. ‘Once again, I thank the heroes for this act of kindness and bravery!’ From that day on, the Katana and the Hydra lived in the town museum. Sunshine Ville had become a major tourist attraction and from that day on, hundreds of people go there each day!

The End

The Legend Of The Hydra

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