Embracing Love in midst of Gore

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A short story...
A girl and a boy...
And an immense war

It's not too cold, but just cold enough for me to ask him for his warmth...
   Cuddled together, we are a mess of tingled limbs, our body heat warming each other as we lay under 2 layers of blankets.

My head resting low on his chest, scarred with battle wounds. With closed eyes, I listen to his heart beating with gentle rhythm and let it's melody take my to another world, a world free of madness, violence, blood thirst, wars, pain...A world inhibited by just the two of us, living in complete contentment.

I'm aware of the present, out of my peaceful thoughts, when he runs his tender fingers through my short hair stroking it. I lean into his touch savoring every moment for god knows when we'll be this close again.
His hands leave my hair and go down to my cheeks as he cups my little tear stained face in his perfect hands, forcing me to raise my head and look at him. I stare into his honey brown eyes, filled with life as his fingers trace the edges of my face till they reach my chin and then there it is. The very smile I fell in love with. The smile that saved me from darkness, my inner darkness. 
 I realize that I've been staring at him for an eternity-long time and I look away as red color flushes my cheeks and he lets out a little, soothing giggle.With the energy he has left, he pushes himself to sit automatically forcing me to sit too. He cups my very small hands into his and bend his head till his lips touch my forehead.I find myself shutting my eyes as I feel the kiss filled with love and respect.
And it's just a matter of seconds when the thought of losing him hits me hard and I pull him in a sudden hug, crushing his chest. As if he's been reading my thoughts he says,"Don't worry, it will all be fine." There it is again, the smile, leaving me warm and hungry for more I loosen my grip on him, but don't let go.
Over the past few months, I've lost many, almost everyone I've held dear except him and never do I wish to lose him or anyone dear to me again. All of this pain should have made me stronger but im vulnerable when it comes to him.He wraps his arms around me in comfort and for a moment the only sound is of the roaring fire in the fireplace, of this tiny shelter house build entirely of wood, not even the winds dare to create noises.

Tomorrow morning, we face the enemies at the front line so tonight we embrace each other, giving hope and wishing to return from the war fronts, alive. In this moment, he presses my shoulders to the wooden floor and hoists himself upon me. Knowing exactly what is coming next I embrace myself and close my eyes tight. I feel him lower his half naked body onto mine as his forehead meets mine and his lips seal onto mine. 
Our very first kiss and it's wonderful. My fingers move along his bare back tracing various patterns on his back as he continues to kiss me, gently and then deeper in earnest. The world has seemingly stopped around us as our lips remain sealed for who knows how my minutes. I'm losing track of time, and it's relaxing. I give in. I kiss him back tenderly but with passion.
We stop and he looks into my green eyes and lays alongside me and we stare at the roof, our hands joined. Who knows what thoughts run through his brain but the ones that run through mine aren't really pleasant, though I should be the happiest girl alive after her childhood friend and crush kissed her, but i can't stop dwelling on the near future and it's outcome, tomorrow. What will become of us? Will we emerge victorious against our enemy? Or will we be among the dead? Or will it be worse...when one of us survives and has to live their entire life grieving over the others death..I hope not. 
I push these thoughts away and once again lean closer to him and trace the wounds on his chest till slumber falls upon me.
------------------------------------------------------THE END-----------------------------------------------

Submitted: June 06, 2017

© Copyright 2022 astrid blake. All rights reserved.

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