the giant #2 : first ride

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Kishan rode his new bike home for the first time in the first story. this is about the next time he took his bike out. the first ride. read to find out how the bike preforms.

Submitted: July 04, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017




6:00 a.m.




“Kish, Kish” whispered a voice, “You have to get up for school honey.” Kishan groggily opened his eyes to find his mom standing behind him.’


“Now?” Kishan asked tiredly “I was comfy until now.”






7:00 a.m.




Kishan bounded down the stairs to the kitchen and sat down in front of a plate of eggs. He scarfed down his breakfast and skipped out the door for school.






2:30 p.m.




Kishan had had a hard day at school and was ready to relax at home.


“Whew!” Kishan sighed, walking into the door. He plopped down on the sofa with his phone and started to relax. Then he got a text from his friend Hayden.


Hey, You wanna go out and ride bikes? It’s a beautiful day!” Kishan thought how he should respond, after all, he was wiped.


Hi! I walked in the door five minutes ago. Is it okay if we go in fifteen minutes? Sorry ?


Sure!” Hayden responded right away. “Is it okay if we bring Kai?” Kai was another one of their friends. He responded yes, and set a timer on his phone.






2:50 p.m.




“Ding!” the timer went off on Kishan’s phone. He got up scurried onto his bike, and rode to Hayden’s house. Hayden rode up right behind Kishan, with Kai. Once they went into Hayden’s house, had an afterschool snack, and played videogames, they went outside to their bikes, pumped the tires, and went towards the back of the neighborhood.


3:15 p.m.


Wind hit the boys’ faces as they rushed down the sidewalk. They rode to their school, 5 minutes away from the neighborhood gate, and rode through the parking lot around the to the back of the building to the playground. They did time challenges in the playground, and tall and flexible Kai, won every single one. They rode back to Hayden’s and had ice-cream, before Kishan and Kai, went back to their homes. When Kishan got home, he went back to his iPhone, and relaxed until dinner. He went to bed thinking what a great day he had, and texted Hayden and Kai if they wanted to do the same thing tomorrow. But instead they would meet at Kishan’s House. It had been a wonderful day, and he was ready to sleep.






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