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Not all dragons are as kind as they are beautiful

Submitted: June 06, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017




In Dragonheart there are no second chances

The dragon spiralled down out of the sunset, with the orange light setting his skin aflame so that he looked as if he was made of oil and steel. Tia stood and watched, wryly noting the Diamond Throne banner, whilst being careful not to move or speak until the shining one's feet touched the ground and he furled his wings.  

She bowed her head in a formal gesture of welcome.
"Greetings lady," the voice inside her head was deeper than she expected. This must be a full male, which meant he would be a shifter as well. He would bear watching. Carefully.
"Greetings, bright one."
The dragon regarded her out of whirling multi-faceted eyes before bowing his head. The silence lengthened, and seemed to Tia that her uninvited guest was trying to make her nervous with his lack of comment. She broke the silence in a deliberately small voice.
"What does my lady mother want of me?"
"Naught. She would merely ascertain that you are well."
Tia cast down her eyes so he could not see her contempt.
"Perhaps my lord dragon would care to assume his human form and venture inside, to where we can speak in more comfort."
If it was possible for a dragon to look puzzled, he did so.
"May one ask what makes you think this dragon has a human form?"
For a moment Tia dropped her shield of humility.
"Who am I?" she raised a narrow dark eyebrow.
He thought about that one for a moment before dipping his head.
"One is ashamed."
Tia was at great pains not to show her contempt for that remark. 
"I apologise. It was not my intention to cause you disquiet."
She felt the dragonish laughter as a vibration that ran right through her skeleton.
"My name is M'a'tsu, and I would be honoured to visit with you."
Tia curtseyed.
"I will leave you to make the change in privacy."
She turned and made her way across the flower strewn meadow to the grey stone buildings that clustered at the base of the cliffs and the stone stairway to the temple.

M'a'tsu watched her go, enjoying her long-legged stride and the way her body moved under the simple linen robe she wore. He found himself fantasising about tying her up with the rope of her own black hair, which hung in a braid almost to her knees. Giving himself a sharp inward reminder that he wasn't there for pleasure, he took the necessary time to compose his mind before making the change. 

Once he was in his human form, he stretched for a moment enjoying the different sensations afforded by thinner skin. He looked down at his muscular perfection and briefly considered remaining unclothed but the pleasure of the rapidly cooling air against his human flesh had to be balanced against the possibility of giving offence. Accordingly he shifted himself leather trews and a waistcoat, electing to remain barefoot for the sheer delight of the feel of grass beneath him.

The temple on the clifftop seemed bigger now and much further away. He rather wished for his dragon form and the possibility of flying instead of climbing the steep stairs. However, that was forbidden and he had no wish to incur the displeasure of the goddess. Dragons before him had crashed to their deaths against the jagged rocks of that cliff face. He had no mind to join them. He squared his shoulders and began to walk.

By the time he reached the bottom of the staircase it was full dark and a string of lights winked on, showing the steps in stark relief. For the first time in his life M'a'tsu felt small and vulnerable. He pushed that feeling aside. His purpose was clear. The Queen's Majesty required that her recalcitrant husband be brought to heel, and the only weapon she had to hand was his love for his daughter. Her dragon was sent to ravish the princess, by force for preference, and to leave her despoiled as a reminder to her father of just how easily his human child could be broken. 
Just as he was about to set his foot on the bottom step he felt the familiar touch of The Diamond Queen inside his mind. 
"How prospers my dragon?" she purred.
"I am invited to enter."
The queen laughed harshly, a sound without humour that echoed in the vaults of his head.
"And will you enter my daughter?"
"With or without invitation, my lady bright."
The queen's approval warmed and excited the arrogant young dragon, and, just for an instant he had the sensation of sharpened fingernails running down from his navel inside his trews to the length of his penis. His flesh rose immediately to the implied cruelty of that touch.
"Do not fail me, M'a'tsu."
She was gone, and he began the climb.

As he walked, he occupied his thoughts with the smoothly curved physicality of the young woman he was intent on abusing, although it never occurred to him to consider her feelings. To him, she was just a human female, and as such even further beneath him than a female dragon would have been. In his arrogance he thought of her as no more than an easy conquest, having absolutely no doubt that he would shed her virgin blood before he left the place. His mouth stretched into a thin smile of anticipation, before he carefully assumed the expression of bland politeness he deemed proper for his purposes.

When he reached the top of the steps he was met by a sweet-faced acolyte carrying a lantern.
"Good sir," she said with gentle politeness, "our lady awaits you in the garden, may I escort you thither?"
He bowed floridly.
"That would be my pleasure."
His eyes rested on the girl's smooth brown throat and the modest swell of her breasts. He thought he might come back one day for a bite of this tasty little morsel. But he followed her quietly enough, clasping his hands behind his back and emptying his mind of carnal thoughts.

The garden to which he was conducted was walled, and accessed via a green-painted wooden door. The acolyte curtseyed and gestured for him to enter. Once he was inside, the girl closed the door quietly behind him, before making the sign to ward off evil.
"Faugh," she said, "he even smells of Her Majesty's malice."

Inside the garden, M'a'tsu found himself walking along a narrow grassy path beside a burbling stream. It wasn't a comfortable walk as, although the path was lit with little twinkling star-like lights, the dragon had to bend his head to avoid the spiky undersides of the gunnera leaves that formed a green tunnel. When he stepped out into the moonlight he found himself blinking for a second in the brightness. 

The princess was sitting on a velvety bank that was starred with tiny flowers which filled the air with a fugitive sweet fragrance. She turned her eyes to look at him, and the silver light picked out a sombre darkness in their depths that gave even M'a'tsu pause. His normally facile tongue deserted him for a moment and he stood in silence.

"Come and have a seat."
She patted the grass and he walked towards her feeling the springy turf under his bare toes. It was still warm from the afternoon sun and the pleasure of it underfoot was almost sexual. The dragon smiled internally and regained his equilibrium. He couldn't believe how his prey was playing into his hands. He sat down, at a careful distance from the princess. His eyes took in the long line of the princess' neck and he allowed himself to think about his hands around that white skin as he despoiled her. The thought gave him great pleasure, but he kept his smile bland and avuncular. Or he thought he did. What he couldn't see, or understand, was how the magic of the goddess's garden revealed his innermost self to the gaze of his companion. 

Her wide-set night-dark eyes, on the other hand, gave away nothing of what she was thinking. Banishing her inner revulsion, Tia smiled with shy modesty.
"Now then, my lord dragon, would you mind explaining why you are here?"
He gave her his shifted form's most disarming smile and edged a little closer.
"Truly, lady. I believe Her Majesty only seeks your happiness."
"That is a change of heart since the last messenger who informed me that my lady mother had disinherited me and never wished to hear my name again."
The dragon shuffled even closer, bruising more of the flowers and releasing their heady fragrance into the still hot air. He was almost within fingertip distance of his prey now and, if he had but known it, his smile showed a set of sharply pointed dragonish teeth. Still the lady didn't move, merely meeting his heated look with the limpid coolness of her peat coloured eyes. 
"Perhaps," he murmured in his most seductive tones, "your lady mother seeks to regrow a relationship with her only child."
The voice of the human female was barely above a whisper which gave him the excuse to lean even closer. He was close enough now for his keen dragonish vision to discern the delicate texture of her skin and he repressed the desire to flick his tongue across her cheekbones. 
"Will you listen to your lady mother's messages?"
Tia leaned back on her elbows, thus moving her face out of reach but lifting her breasts against the thin white linen of her robe. For a second the shifter thought she was deliberately tempting him, but then he met her innocent gaze and dismissed the idea as ridiculous.
"I will sir dragon," she whispered.
He brought himself closer and closer, staring into her eyes and willing her not to fight him as he reached for her. She remained unmoving and he placed his hands on her face, rubbing his thumbs along her cheekbones. Her eyes widened but she made no other move. Pulling her into his arms he bent his mouth to the pulse point at the base of her throat. He bit. Not gently. The woman in his hands whimpered. 
"What are you doing?"
"The queen's behest."
She put her hands flat against his chest as if to push him away. He couldn't help laughing at her naivety before he captured her small wrists in one hand, pulling them high above her head as he pressed her body down into the greensward. At that point, her predicament must have become clear to her as a single tear ran down her cheek. He licked it away with a flick of his prehensile tongue tasting her salt as he did so. With a disdainful sneer for his captive, M'a'tsu used his free hand to rip the neckline of her robe, baring her to the waist and exposing her soft flesh to his marauding mouth. He licked and bit his way to her navel before roughly pulling the skirts of her robe up to meet the wet line where he had tasted her skin.
"Will you not beg?" he whispered.
Tia made no sound and he grunted before forcing her legs open with one muscular thigh and rolling so he knelt between them. He opened the points of his leather trousers allowing his erect penis to escape. He rubbed the already damp glans against where her maidenhead awaited him.
"You know what I am going to do to you," he gloated.
She nodded almost imperceptibly.
"What you don't know is why."
Her dark eyes stared up at him and he had a sudden urge to hit her and watch the bruises bloom on her face, but he conquered it. Even to one as conscienceless as him, it seemed she would have suffered enough by the time he was done with her.
"You are," he explained in his most reasonable of tones, "an example. Your father is being sent a message..."
"Because your lady mother has need of his legions and he will not give them to her."
The woman under him said nothing and he pinched one of her nipples viciously. She whimpered and he felt his erection grow even bigger.
"This is your last chance to beg."
She said nothing, so he positioned himself to thrust home into her. 

But something went wrong, and instead of the expected humiliation of his prey he found himself lifted by unseen hands and pressed face downwards into the grass. As quick as a snake, he rolled over onto his back. He started to sit up, only to find that he could not, his limbs seemed somehow tethered to the very earth. Snarling his defiance at whatever held him he began the change, only to find his body would not obey him. He turned his head to see the princess regrading him limpidly.
"You may not make the change without my permission. And I withhold it." Tia's voice was soft and unemphatic, but he could not doubt that she spoke truth. 
"Why have you done this to me?"
"Do you not know?"
The young dragon stared at her.
"I do not understand why a mere human would seek to hold a dragon prisoner."
Tia sighed. "What would you be doing to me right now, were you able?"
"That is different,' he said obdurately. "You are only a human female, and your punishment is simply what the action of your father demands."
A different voice spoke from the other side of M'a'tsu.
"The only daughter of the Diamond Queen is highly unlikely to be only a human female."
The shifter's head snapped around so quickly he heard the bones in his own neck crack. Then he saw who had spoken and he knew he was as good as dead. The man who sat at his ease on the flowery turf was black-skinned and hugely muscular with a handsome leonine head and piercing amber eyes.
"My lord."
The master dragon A'a'shanto looked at his subject with towering contempt.
"You have the princess Tia to thank for your miserable life. Was it up to me..."
He cracked his knuckles, and the noise penetrated M'a'tsu like a blade.
"Leave him my love. There is no harm done."
"No harm? There is blood on your neck."
Tia put up a hand and it came away sticky, she looked down at her fingers. Quick as a flash, and proving herself to be something entirely more than human, she shifted a set of razor-sharp claws and the dragon felt the burn as they slashed his neck.
"Blood for blood. Now sleep."
M'a'tsu's will drifted away from him before he had time to do more than wonder how the master dragon came to be here and why the princess would call him her love.


When he came back to himself, he was in Dragonheart. He stood in what he recognised as the Hall of Justice, in his human form, naked and shamed, and with his wrists bound lightly behind his back. He looked around and saw more alpha dragons than he had ever encountered in his life before. And then he knew. He was on trial.

The master dragon himself, and a strangely beautiful female, sat on the basalt throne and gazed at him with emotionless multi-faceted eyes. There was something about the female's eyes that felt both familiar and strange. Those eyes reminded him of the deep and shockingly cold pools of peaty water on the moorland where he had roamed as a hatchling. For some reason this disturbed him, and he looked under his eyelids at his peers. Every other dragon was in the room was a shifter in human form, though their eyes were just as inimical as the shifting orbs of the enthroned dragons. 

An old white-bearded shifter, who wore a black robe, stepped forward. He spoke and the great chamber fell silent.
"The dragon M'a'tsu stands before us accused of two crimes. First he did fail in a mission set him by the Diamond Throne. Second he did lay his talons on the mate of another dragon."
There was a silence, broken only by a low hiss as the dragons in the great room absorbed the enormity of M'a'tsu's offences.
"Does any speak in his defence?"
Nobody spoke and M'a'tsu thought himself a dead dragon standing.

The female on the black throne shifted slightly so her scales made an intimate sort of rustle.
"I say let him live..."
The master dragon turned his whirling golden eyes to his mate.
"That is your right. But I say he will abuse no more females."

For a second the accused dragon knew relief, before the import of his master's words made his stomach heave.
"I prefer to die."
"Your preference is not a consideration. Punishment will be meted out here and now. Bind him."
As two figures in the leather headmasks of the execution squad sprung forward to bind his ankles to a pole that made him spread his legs wide M'a'tsu made one last desperate bid for clemency or at least a clean death.
"And what of the Diamond Queen?" he roared. "Will she not have a say in what happens to her dragon?"
The dragon lord smiled a humourless and coldly dragonish smile.
"The lady is no longer relevant. Her husband broke her neck when he found out what she intended for his daughter."

There was a long second of silence as the import of what was about to happen was absorbed by the watching dragons.

M'a'tsu looked at the female who had offered him his life and it seemed to him to be vitally important to recollect where he had seen those deep, dark eyes before. For an instant a human visage was superimposed on her dragonish features and he recognised her. The master dragon's mate was the female he had been about to rape in the goddess' garden. It hit him like a mailed fist and his heart accepted that there was no hope. He felt himself sag against his bonds.

"Will you take pain relief?" the female dragon's voice was like tearing silk.
He dragged the remnants of his pride about him.
"I will not."

A third executioner approached with a sharp blade in one hand. The other hand lifted M'a'tsu's limp penis. And then he cut...

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