Through The Eyes Of Lust

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Submitted: June 06, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017



I know it's no constellation . That I bless you with hesitation . I bring you around to nowhere. And with this ring I wed thee true .And with this ring I wed thee now. I gaze into ocean eyes of blue . To realize that you weren't asking for the truth. So my heart will bleed until we're through.

Time has no voidance . Drained of measured innocence. I hurl my battered soul into you. But it doesn't explain why, Our love is forever frozen . Yet, It's kept so beautiful . I hope we reignite this fire. Until then ,I wait in the sunshine of your spire.

You have my heart on a carousel. Driving me mad With heartbreak at will . I dream of soft shining sunsets. That filter in my den. Love is corroding as we lose contact. You begin to dial it in. Your other lover is calling. Or is it another that looks like him ? With this ring You break this oath. And with this ring you pull me down . And with this ring you place my death. Since I was hiding from the truth.

Your skin soars my need. To worship you like a goddess . Controlled by lustful hypnosis . Pledges my heart to suffocate in greed. Until we are through, I wait in the sunshine of your spire. Never to escape the beauty of you.

I try to patch up my bleeding heart . That was seduced by madness And torn apart. You ravish me with your luring kiss. Coming to me with your own knives. I sink in depression For I will never get out alive.

Pain is lust. Lust is a sin . If anyone can hear me , I just want to be me .... Again ...

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