One Last Mile

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Submitted: June 06, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017



Hell rides into town . To the home he had forgotten. His love was waiting . His heart has became rotten. As he sees her face framed in his mind. He lost all coordination to the hands of time. Ageless sensation Heart palpitations . Revival of hunger With love mutilation. He's been gone for too many moons. She has shed enough tears to be a monsoon. Lying alone on cold lonely nights. Holding onto faith that clings to the rights. One more mile . Just one last mile. Before they reunite once again in the prospect of night.

He makes his way to the edge of town. The streets were empty , not a soul around. He knows his heart is aching because she is there alone. Her heart is breaking because she wants him home. For months he has been away. Crying every day . Life on the road takes it's toll . Forces love to quickly grow old .

She must have really loved him . She never moved on. She held his picture to her side every second that he was gone. One more mile . Just one more long mile . Before he gently kisses her lips and never leaves again. Multitudes of desire blister scars upon his hands. Deprived of touch to feel a love so real. He is ready to hold her before his love cup spills.

He pulls into the drive. His heart is alive . He kisses her so deeply as if it was the first time . They cling to each other for quite a while. He never knew how he survived traveling that last mile. One more mile ... Just one final mile. Until he joined with his love again .

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