The Last Piece of the Puzzle

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After twenty-thousand years of being alive Hercula never thought that she could learn more things about herself. Being the daughter of Zeus himself and the sister to the great Hercules, Herucla learns more about were she came from and finds out that being a Demi God brings great responsibility.

Submitted: June 06, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017



The Last Piece of the Puzzle

After twenty thousand years of being alive I never thought that there would be more things to learn about myself. My name is Hercula, sister of Hercules and daughter of Zeus.


I have lived in New York for quite some time now and it has been amazing playing the human role, but not the most powerful immortal creature to ever walk the Earth. Right now I am in the Yukon territory because my brother sent me a signal to come where he is. Honestly he didn’t give away anything he just said that there is more history about us that he found out. I finally arrived and Hercules is with a bunch of native people that are gushing over him.


“Hello sister. How has life been” he said.


“Hello brother. Life has been well. What about you?” I asked.


“It has been going well. By the way father told me to give you his wishes.” he said.


“Well okay then.” I said.


I was a little confused as to why he didn’t tell me in the first place but I guess if he had a reason, it was a good one.


“What exactly did you bring me here for?” I asked Hercules.


“Well dad told us that the these people,” he motioned two natives behind him forward. One was a man and the other a woman.  “know about another one of our powers that we didn’t even know.” he said.


I was stunned. This was the last thing I expected. Hercules might have powers that I don’t have but I have more than him.


“Hello your majesty, my name is Kira and I have discovered another one of both of yours’s both abilities.Would you like to find out what it is” the lady that Hercules motioned to earlier asked.


Well I might as well find out. It’s not like I have been doing anything important lately. Living in New York does have its advantages but I haven’t seen my brother in a really long time and I am ready to catch up with him,


“Okay, sure. When do we start?” I asked calmly. I was a little eager to find out another one of my many powers.


“We can start now if you you both would like.” said the other Native that stood beside Kira.

“I’m sorry what is your name child?” I asked.


“My name is Brayden your majesty” he said with excitement in his eyes.


“Kira, Brayden Hercula and I would really like to see what you have to show us,” said Hercules.


“Of course, follow me.” said Brayden.


Kira, Hercules and I followed Brayden into the National museum of the Yukon Territory. To my knowledge and previous experiences, I thought we would be going in a cave or somewhere underground. Brayden brought all three of us through four doors and finally we were in a secluded area. When I got to the room, there was a table that has a big metal bird in the middle. The bird has massive wings and there was fine detail everywhere. This looked so familiar and I can’t remember where I remember it from.  Hercules was at the the other side of the table and we both looked up at the same time.


“Is it just me or it looks really familiar?” said my brother.


“Actually no it’s not because when I first saw it I thought I saw it in a dream.” I said.\


“The reason why you both have seen this before is because this one object will be your ultimate possession.” said Brayden. I motioned for him to continue. “You have seen this symbol before in your dreams. You recognize it more now than before because that part of yourself is ready to be set free. In the past you might have seen it but it wouldn’t look so familiar because you weren’t ready to have that power at your disposal.” he finished with a smile.


“Do you  both know what this symbol means?” I asked.


“The wings that are on the symbol represent your wings.” said Kira.


Wait…..did she just...say...WINGS. Out of all the things I could have gotten this is what I get. Trust me I wasn’t mad that I have wings, I’m upset because dad didn’t say anything to me or Hercules.


I looked over at Hercules. Not only did I see excitement and amazement, I also could sense his anger.


“Are you just as mad as I am with Zeus?” I asked.


He just nodded. I could understand that he didn’t want to speak because Hercules has a tendency for when he gets mad. The key thing to do is to leave him and let him calm down. After several minutes of silence I could not take it anymore. I went outside and got a storm started. I used lightning to summon my father so he can explain why he didn’t say anything earlier. It finally worked and there he stood in all his gloriousness.


“Hello father,” both Hercules and I said in unison.


“Hello my children. I see you have found your final piece all these years.” he said.


“Why do you think that we should not be upset with you father. You lied and told us that we were done.” said Hercules,


“If I had told any of you about you last ability, you would have spent all your life looking for it and I couldn't have that.” he said. He did make sense because he’s right. We would have been so obsessed that we would care less about anything other than find the last piece of the puzzle.


“I can see your point, I guess.” said Hercules.


“Don’t get all moody on me. The best part about this power is that’s when you trace the wings on the symbol on the table, it will give you wings and you both could fly and tap sped and break the barrier to com and see me.” he said.


He can’t be serious. We have been spending so much time trying to find a way to see him at least once in real life.


“Are you serious?” we both asked our father.


“Yes it is. You could try now. The key thing is that you have to have the bird on any part of your skin when flying.” Zeus said.


Hercules spent the whole day with learning our new powers. We are both so very happy that we have finally found the last piece of the puzzle and now we don’t have as much things to worry about than before. Hercules and I decided that they are going to have small models made for Kira sand Brayden. We just wanted to show them our gratitude in some way.


After Kira and Brayden finished thanking us for their gifts. We were going to fly up and see Zeus. I had my Lexia. I gave my bird a name since it's going to be with me for ages. I loved the wings and with all the power those wings poses its a dream. The eyes might look like a bunch of circles, but they are so much more than that.


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