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How many of us have been here?

Submitted: June 06, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017




Don't think I am judging you, as I watch you swing your child,

I know the daily sacrifice you make and have done for a while,

What ages are your kids  now, 2 and 4? To me it looks that way,

I've two myself, they're just not here, they're with their dad today.

Could I have lasted, seen it through, even given it more time?

Or was this way set for me? Is a different pathway mine?

I wish I could delight like you in a sandy blue bucket & spade,

I hear you tell your dull friend 'bout the cookies that you made,

Not that I don't also like to bake, with my eldest by my side,

It's just the whole life balance thing and other things denied,

I want to be the perfect mum, but not that mans prefect wife,

I can't help but ask myself, is this really the purpose of my life?

I used to be a person, I was loved, maybe hated just the same,

But I've been too long in his shadow now, is he the one to blame?

I'm too tired, not slept well for years, but that's not my only strife,

I love my kids, to watch them grow, I just don't want to be his wife.


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