Ava's Story

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Ava is a little girl who grew up but never let go to her childhood.

Submitted: June 06, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017



Once there was a girl named Ava. Since she was small, she was known for having a big imagination. She would lay on the grass and stare up at the clouds, wondering what it would be like to have her own little piece of one.

Every day Ava tried to put a part of a cloud into a clear jar she had. She would go up in a hot air balloon, or climb the tallest hill by her house, but no matter how hard she tried the jar would never get anything in it. Even though she always failed, Ava never lost hope. People around her thought she was odd, but that didn't matter to her either. She was determined to have a cloud of her own.

Eventually, like everyone, Ava grew up. Unlike most people, though, she always remembered her childhood in a special way, almost trying to keep living it. Ava no longer tried to get a cloud every day, but she would still think of ways she could. She got married, and before she knew it her children were all grown up and having kids of their own. Once in awhile her grandchildren would come stay overnight and she would tell them wondrous tales of a small girl living on a cloud. Her still empty jar stood on a shelf in her room. “Grandma, what is that for?” they would ask her. She would just tell them it reminded her of when she was young.

Ava passed away when she was 93 of old age. Her children loved her dearly and it hurt them very much to see her go. They all promised to remember her well. Ava’s husband missed her the most. Her bright mind and curiosity that had filled their home started to fade and was fully gone within the next few days after her death. The thing that pained him the most was that her jar had disappeared. He asked around; the whole family even searched the entire house. It was simply gone.

What they didn't know was Ava had never truly left. She had woken up on a cloud, with her jar in hand. A little note was tied around it with string, saying, ‘try now.’ As Ava looked down at her hands she was startled. They were so small, and didn't have nearly as many creases as before. As she examined the rest of her new self she realized that she was a little girl again, now wearing a white dress. Ava reached down with the jar in hand and scooped cloud into it. Sure enough, when the lid was back on a puff of white was seen through the clear glass. Smiling, Ava went down to her house. She soon discovered that no one could see her. This didn’t make her upset, but the one thing that did was how saddened everyone was. They were mourning for her, but they didn't need to. Ava touched their hearts and their faces lit up, and she knew they were thinking about happy memories of her.

The next night, she came back to the house and took the old note off the jar, replacing it with a new one. Ava then returned it back to the shelf it had sat empty in for years. The next day when her husband woke up, he was startled to find the jar back in its place, filled with white fluff and a note on the outside. He reached up and grabbed it, wondering how it got there. The note said:


Don’t worry, I'm safe.

I finally got a cloud.



He smiled, and knew it was true. No need to miss her, he would join Ava soon, and he did, only months later. The two of them looked over their family, protecting them from harm, or making them remember something sweet when they needed it.


So the story goes on, generation after generation, our guardian angels watching out for us.


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