The Flies Laid Their Eggs

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Submitted: June 06, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017



My heart was ecotopic,

Expelled before it could form.

Put your thumbs in my eye sockets..

So you can see me torn,


You wore me down like the pit of hell,

A hell you willing fell,

Blood dripping from my legs,

The flies have laid their eggs,


Break away as hard as you can,

But know you've made your bed,

My mind has not recovered, 

The poison in my head,

It's best if you would run away,

But there's something making you stay,


Locked up in our acidic cocoon,

Hoping we would escape real soon,

But when it breaks, and we're finally found,

Our souls become food for the vultures,

Feasting on us and we're thrown back to the ground,


So this is what you want? This is what we've become.

Made from the dirt, and to the dirt we returned,

It's too late to separate, we're already one.




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