Dames Of Satin

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Submitted: June 06, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017



Dress with a flare and death in a stare. They waste a man's passion with their skin so bare. Their lips are red as wine. Their eyes are as bright as mars. They know how to tear desire apart. On a bed of roses , they are flesh in the nude. Caressed by fingertips ever so crude. Dames of satin. Heels are blue . Painted by patrons , Portraits of hue.

Cadillacs are black like a night coal train . They travel in a convoy, a funeral parade. Luring men so young and revoking their innocence. A game that's fun for the helpless. Veil draped over their satanic heads. They stand their waiting eagerly for tear stained blood shed.

Listen close . Come hither to see, The blasphemy of ruthless gauntlets who linger amongst the prey. Highway lines and miraculous times. Prevailing on the rituals of suffocating mimes. Can the power of love engulfed in flames , rise above the massacre of Satin dames ?

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