New Friends

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The story starts out with Jason Clark wanting his best friend Korey Hunt to meet Amber Foster. He gets his best friend Josephine Hart to arrange a get together. The Story continues when Josephine and Amber gets an invitation to hang out with Jason and Korey at the beach. At the beach they meet two students from a rival school.

Submitted: June 06, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017



Josephine Hart was putting a book in her locker at Piney Point High. Jason Clark walked up to her. “Joey, do you have a minute?” asked Jason. “Sure,” said Josephine hoping he was fixing to ask her out on a date. “My best bud Korey Hunter thinks your sister Amber is cute,” said Jason. “Let me guess, you would like for me to set Amber up to meet Korey,” said Josephine. “That would be awesome if you would,” said Jason. “Amber has been through alot and  she deserves a chance to be happy. You and Korey meet us Saturday morning, around 9 at the Breakfast House in the Grove Shopping Center,” said Josephine. “Thanks, Joey,” said Jason walking off.
Amber Foster was sound asleep when Josephine entered her bedroom and sat down beside her. Josephine tapped Amber on the shoulder. “What do you want Joey,” moaned Amber, “I have like a fashion emergency,” said Josephine. “Can’t it wait?” asked Amber. “No,” said Josephine. “So what is this fashion emergency?” asked Amber. “My bikini is almost a year old and most of the time I would just put it on and go on, but,” said Josephine pausing. “But what?” asked Amber. “I have a boyfriend now and it would be so like embarrassing if he asked me to go to the beach to hang out wearing something that was that fashionably late,” said Josephine. Josephine’s last statement got Amber’s attention and she sat up in the bed. “You and Jason are now a couple. Why didn’t you tell me,” said Amber with excitement. “Oh, you know me. I keep secrets,” said Josephine. “You are right this is a fashion emergency. Give me  a few minutes to get dressed. I know a place in the Grove Shopping Center that has some really good deals but if you get there too late everything is picked over,” said Amber.
Josephine and Amber got out of Amber father’s white jeep in the Groves Shopping Center. “You know it is like going to take hours to find the perfect bikini. Why don’t we go have breakfast at the Breakfast House first,” said Josephine. “Hours?,” asked Amber with surprise look on her face. “There are going to be a lot of different colors and styles to choose from and I will have to try on all of them to find the perfect one,” said Josephine.
Josephine and Amber walked into the Breakfast House. Jason and Korey came in behind them. “Joey, Amber this is Korey,” said Jason introducing Korey. Korey shook their hand. “Sis why don’t you and Korey find us a seat while Jason shows me his new stereo system in his car,” said Josephine.
Korey and Amber found a table by the window. Being a gentleman Korey seated Amber. “Thank you,” said Amber with a smile on her face. Korey and Amber started talking while Jason and Josephine stood outside. After giving them sometime to get to talk  Jason and Josephine went  back into the restaurant and saw Korey and Amber talking and laughing. 
Josephine and Amber walked into Josephine room. They were both carrying a sack full of clothes. “Joey, this has been an exciting day,” said Amber as she stretching out across Josephine’s bed. “So?” asked Josephine putting a big smile on her face. “What?” asked Amber. “What do you think about Korey,” asked Josephine. “Oh-my-gosh he is so hot and a gentleman too,” said Amber with excitement. “And?” asked Josephine. “I really like-like him and so wished he would ask me out,” said Amber.
Josephine got a text message from Jason. The text message read “Me and Korey planning to go to Groveton Beach to surf next Saturday. You and Amber are invited,”  “What do you think?” ask Josephine handing her cell phone to Amber to read the text message.  The two looked at each for a moment. “Oh yea,” said Josephine and Amber together.
Josephine and Amber were sitting in beach chairs on Groveton Beach. Misty Johnson and Tracy Fellers students from Oak Ridge Valley High were walking towards the other end of the beach to meet up with some of their classmates. “Look Tracy, it is a couple of flunkies from Piney Point High,” said Misty. Amber took off her sun glasses and turned to Josephine. “Hey, Joey, it is a couple of smart mouths from Oak Ridge Valley,” said Amber. “Well at least we are not flunkies like you. We go to state in every sport. You flunkies have never made it to the playoffs in anything,” said Misty. Amber stood up and put her hands on her hips. “Let me tell you what you Oak Ridge Valley smart mouths. Me and Joey could kick your butt all over the basketball court,” said Amber. “Is that right, you flunkie,” said Misty. “That’s right,” said Amber. “We don’t have time to mess with you flunkies today, but you meet us at Ironwood Park Monday afternoon at four o’clock,” said Misty. “We will be there,” said Amber.
Amber and Josephine pulled into Ironwood park. “We are going to kick their butt all over the basketball court,” said Amber taking off her sun glasses. “Where are they at?” asked Josephine observing no one on the basketball court. “Maybe they decided not to show up,” said Amber. “No, they are right over there,” said Josephine as she saw Misty and Tracy sitting on a picnic table with a concerned look on their faces. 
Josephine and Amber walked up to Misty and Tracy. “What’s wrong?” asked Josephine. “We are probably about to make our school look bad,” said Misty. “What are you talking about?” asked Amber. “Me and Tracy are not good at basketball,” said Misty. “If you are not good at basketball why all the smack talk?” asked Amber. “You wouldn’t understand,” said Misty. “I think I know,” said Josephine as she saw Amber was getting annoyed with Misty. “Well please explain it,” said Amber turning to Josephine. “Not only is Oak Ridge Valley High and Piney Point High competitors because we are in the same division, but Oak Ridge is only five miles from Piney Point which increases the rivalry between the two schools,” said Josephine. “Oak Ridge focuses on winning and reputation. If you don’t win then you are a nothing, isn’t that right, Misty,” continued Josephine. Misty hung her head in shame. “Your right and we only talked smack on the beach because some of the other students were there,” said Misty with a sigh. “I guess we will try our best to win and when word gets around we lost to a couple of flunkies we will be the laughing laughing stock of Oak Ridge Valley,” continued Misty. Josephine thought for a moment. “Let’s do something else,” said Josephine.
Misty and Tracy drove over to Josephine and Amber parent’s house. They got in the back seat of Amber father’s white jeep. 
Josephine came to the Main Street and Highway 227 Intersection. She took a right onto Highway 227. “Joey, I hate to tell you this, but you made a wrong turn. You are suppose to turn left to go to Oak Ridge,” said Amber. “I am not going to Oak Ridge,” said Josephine. “Then where are we going?” asked Amber. Josephine turned the radio and started singing along. “Come on girls,” said Josephine. Amber, Misty, and Tracy joined in.
“We are just about there,” said Josephine as they were going over a viaduct two miles outside of the City of Kingsford. “Do you know where we are at?” asked Misty turning to Tracy. “No,” said Tracy. Josephine pulled into the Main Street Plaza. “We are here,” said Josephine unbuckling her seatbelt. “The Pizza Party,” said Amber. “Yep,” said Josephine. “We have never been here,” said Misty getting out of the jeep. “Oh-my-gosh you are going to love it,” said Amber.  Josephine, Amber, Misty, and Tracy ate pizza and played different games on the arcade machines. 
“We had a total blast this evening,” said Misty getting out of the jeep at Amber and Josephine parent’s house. “You do know that no one is to know what happened tonight,” said Josephine. “Oh-my-gosh! You are right. Do you now what kind of reptation we would have if they found out we hung out with flunkies?” asked Misty. “It will be our secret,” said Josephine shaking Misty’s hand. Misty and Tracy started walking towards Misty’s car. Misty turned around to Josephine and Amber. “We need to hang out again. Just some place where no one knows,” said Misty. Josephine and Amber nodded their head yes. 
Amber was putting a book in her locker. Korey walked up to her. “Me and Jason came out to watch you and Joey, but we never found you,” said Korey. “Well, you know Oak Ridge Valley has a great basketball  team and it was like totally over before it started,” said Amber. “Don’t worry baby, when we play Oak Ridge Valley, me and Jason will show them a few things,” said Korey. “What did you just call me?” asked Amber putting her hands on her hips. “I am sorry Amber. It was just a slip of the tongue,” said Korey realizing what he had called Amber. “I was only kidding,” said Amber hugging Korey. “I need to get class, but I will see you soon,” said Korey walking off. “See you,” said Amber as she watched until Korey was out of sight.
Jason and Josephine had been watching Amber and Korey. When they saw her turning around they pretended to be putting books into their locker. “It is not what you think,” said Amber as she walked by on her way to class.

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