Standing and serving

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the article is to encourage christians world over to abide in their faith in God.

Submitted: June 06, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017





We jump upon our beds at night to enjoy pleasant  sleep, giving no thought about whether the sun, moon and stars also retire to resting places. How faithfully these celestial bodies have served mankind since inception! From generation to generation, they illuminate a world getting darker each day through the prosperity of evil. They neither sleep nor slumber---- this is a pointer to the God’s personality; he constantly watches over everyone, especially those who are his through faith on Christ Jesus.

 God created mankind to stand before him and to serve him using every endowment at man’s disposal, from his body to material acquisitions. Satan, in his cunning ways, attempted to thwart God’s plan for man through the encounter at the Garden of Eden and knocked man off his position as the light of the world. But our unchangeable God, loving and merciful, showed resilience and foiled Satan’s attempt by introducing Jesus Christ, the light of God, to restore man to his rightful place as the light of the world. This was God’s backup plan for mankind after the fall at the Garden of Eden. Anyone who taps into God’s backup plan for mankind now has the right to stand in God’s presence as a light of the world. Such person becomes a change agent for God in the society, thereby bringing glory to Him. More thrilling is the truth that change agents will hereafter serve in God’s presence for all eternity while the sun, moon and stars are doomed for destruction along with the earth in the end.

The night is a crucial time in man’s life; it is a time when our body completely hands over consciousness to our spirit which houses our soul. The human spirit is at the mercy of whoever it is committed to----- either God or Satan----- during the night. Unfortunately, the night is an ideal time for demons to operate, terrorizing people directly or indirectly through human beings themselves. Majority of those terrorized by Satan or used by him to perpetrate evil at night are people with dead spirits; they are not born again! Their spirits are dead in sin and dead to God. The night is an avenue for Satan to plant fear and worry in the hearts of unbelievers and unsuspecting saints, thereby defeating the purpose of the night in their lives.

On the bright side, for God’s change agents, the night is a time designed for rest, angelic ministration and divine visitation (Acts 27:24, Gen. 32:24-30); It is a time to reminisce on God’s goodness all through the day and appreciate him.

The night is meant for self-examination (Psalms 4:4) even as the time of Christ’s coming remains unknown to us. As God’s change agents, we are his servants and we must be ready to sacrifice anything at any time as God directs us to.

The night is a time for intercession; we can wake up at night to pray for our families, nations and the church of God instead of spending the whole night watching movies as some folks do. For saints plagued by excessive sleep, prayer is a way to exercise self-control over it by God’s help, knowing how lethal sleep could be when hijacked by Satan. God’s change agents are people whose spirits have been made alive through faith in Christ Jesus. As God’s change agents, we are expected to stay alive, being confident and conscious of God’s presence in our lives instead of panicking over Satan’s empty threats posed during the night; in this regard there are many dubious ‘servants of God’ who continually make merchandise of people who are spiritually weak and immature.

Are you one of God’s change agents? Are you still standing in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ? Are you faithful in your service to him? If your answer to these questions is an honest NO, I urge you to welcome Jesus Christ into your heart RIGHT NOW. Tell him you are really sorry for your unfaithfulness, confess him as your Lord and Saviour. WITH YOUR HEART believe that you are forgiven. Let him take absolute control of your life, even as you violently abstain from sin by God’s grace.



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