a dream not dreamt

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this is my real story.... a story which changed my life forever...

Submitted: June 06, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017



A dream not dreamt..... It feels to be the story of a very successful person and his way to success.... Well it probably does to me.... But unfortunately its not..... I had a dream once... More of a nightmare.... I'm an Indian.... An Indian girl... Being extremely weak in mathematics...i was stressed on to join a tution ...i had my regular batch at 7 which usually continues till 8:45 ... My way to home had a long road covered with houses on the sides... And then after a crossing comes my society gate ... The day I'm going to talk about is a day maybe in mid April.... When I had just joined.... While coming back... I heard the sound of a bullet bike.... I turned back to see where it was coming from and get aside when I noticed that there were 3 boys on it... I got aside and let the bike pass... That night seemed quite unusual as There was not even a single person aside from me and the 3 boys.... I realised the bike had stopped in a corner not much distance after passing the place I was.... The boys giggled and drank something from a bottle covered with a paper bag.... It indeed smelt like beer and they indeed looked drunk.... I ignored it and kept walking forward... As soon as I crossed them... They started walking too... They were walking quite fast and soon came nearer to me.... I could now hear what they were talking about.... Two of them seemed to arguing... One said..." Yamini zada maal hai"... To which the other replied "tune kabhi shruti ko dekha hai.... Figure dekh uski dhyaan se"... I started walking faster when I suddenly felt someone grab my hand from behind...i looked back scared and saw as one of them (wearing spectacles)had grabbed my hand enough tightly that I could not free it... Removing his specs... He said...oo Jaana Idhar to aana... Which literally means..... Darling come here....i was only 13 at that time but could imidiately sence his Intentions and slapped him hard on his right cheek.... To which another guy came forward and Got a hold of my hands... While to my surprise the guy I slapped slapped me back so hard that you could literally see blood dripping from the side of my lip... I started screaming at the top of my lungs for help... I even saw an elder lady watching everything from the window of her balcony... But she never came out to help me....no one came.. soon I could feel the monster kissing the back of my neck... And others passing comments on me..... I had no idea what to do... When suddenly I saw a Scooty coming towards us... It stopped a little further and a girl came running to which the boys yelled... "ye to ek Aur aa gyi..aaja Kutti aaja" I was surprised to see The girl coming there by herself.... As she reached the guys... She sprayed something in there eyes...they started screaming like hell..... The person holding my hands Left me and in turn moved towards her to which she again sprayed the same thing in his eyes.... He tried to protect himself against the spray but failed... She told me to sit on her Scooty.....to which I ran home crying as fast as I could... In order to avoid any other problems.... I reached home,dried up a bit and told my mother I was having a headache ...i locked my room and cried myself to sleep... I did not go to school for next 2 days... Making sure my mother though I was sick.... That night changed my life forever.... I felt so heavy yet so drained and so empty all at once... It changed how a thirteen year old looked at world...it was absolutely enough to make an extremely outgoing preteen sit at home all day... And get scared of even walking alone on the road.... Yet it was just a dream right? Yes... It was a dream I had... A dream stitched by the cloth of reality...

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