Seventh Avenue Train Station

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Submitted: June 06, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017



All these black lit days. They all march on by. Transforming into night. I give up my right to fight. I sealed that silence with a kiss in the rain. My broken heart cried in shame . I wounded that bottle with another drink. Before I poured it all down the drain . I wake outside beneath the willow trees. I smell the morning mellow breeze. Just like it was yesterday . When I held you close and you promised to stay. You took your vengeance on my heart. Like blood inside a mason jar. My inner thoughts force me to try. Yet ,all I do is sleep and cry.

All these black lit days . My life washed away. In the blood of my veins. Where there was never a trace. So I march into that hurtful night. Where harmonic angels perform in the sky. Above a cloud so dark Where the sun still shines. While that lonesome train whistle begins to whine. My love had no story, but to only love you. I meant it through every minute that my heart ripped in two . That mutilated violence that fate couldn't pry. From your cold blue hands that suffocated my life. All along I guess I always knew . That I would go on forever still loving you .

So when I reached the train station . I seen the walls were all blue. Something about its color brought up my memory of you. It might have been the evil I endured. So I set them on fire , It was something absurd.

So I'm off to the sunset in the sinking dawn . Resurrecting memories that I thought had gone. Anonymous souls forever so bold . Leaves true love to freeze and die In the cold . These black lit days have take taken their toll. Casted scars upon my vision that has quickly grown old.

I finally reach station seven where the train whistles cry ; the tears of the broken at their last goodbyes . Now I move on with life ever so slow , and let go of the trains ..... that consumed my soul .. These black lit days ,and crying trains .. I let them all go ... Although I know .. that you're never coming home...

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