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psychophilia [n.]
a lover of the mind

with her heart ruined
her mind wrote of words to ease the pain.

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Submitted: June 06, 2017

HIM   you don't deserve him you deserve better he is a waste of tears don't let him tear you he doesn't deserve ... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 06, 2017

For the insecure girls... smile and be yourself. Read Chapter


Submitted: June 06, 2017

YOU   don't dwell on the heartbreak dwell on the memories don't dwell on the fact you lost him dwell on the fact you... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 06, 2017

EXPRESSION   "your eyes held clouds that were ready to cry but your smile, the sun, was still out for others ... Read Chapter

let your heart hurt

Submitted: June 06, 2017

LET YOUR HEART HURT     let your heart hurt let it hurt and let it learn don't stop your heart from learnin... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 06, 2017

FALL   "if i ever fall, don't be there to catch me if i ever fall, you should be here with me if i ever fa... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 06, 2017

HERE       "you were never here. you were always just in here."   and now, i doubt if that's ... Read Chapter

and i cry

Submitted: June 06, 2017

AND I CRY   "And I cry, because of you. Because I hurt you by loving you. And I cry, because I love you. Beca... Read Chapter

his mind

Submitted: June 06, 2017

HIS MIND   "you're always in my mind but i'm never in yours." ... Read Chapter

dear brain

Submitted: June 06, 2017

DEAR BRAIN   "dear brain, I'm sorry I became a fool for love." ... Read Chapter

with or without

Submitted: June 06, 2017

WITH OR WITHOUT   "i was happy without you i am happy with you i will be happy with or without you." ... Read Chapter

before breathing

Submitted: June 06, 2017

BEFORE BREATHING   "you know what came before all else? what came before breathing? the people i can't live wi... Read Chapter

a lesson on giving up

Submitted: June 06, 2017

A LESSON ON GIVING UP     "you learned. before: you wanted everything you wanted him it broke your heart ... Read Chapter

holding onto you

Submitted: June 06, 2017

HOLDING ONTO YOU     dear past, "sometimes we let go because what we're holding onto is what's holding us back.... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 06, 2017

INSATIABLE   "and we all seeked for a love that will last past than the last." "because we're insatiable. you and me."... Read Chapter

my least favorite lullaby

Submitted: June 07, 2017

MY LEAST FAVORITE LULLABY   Is the lullaby that never fails to put me to sleep. It's the song of the rain. The s... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 07, 2017

MISCONCEPTION     I read to travel the world around me. The thought is what started all. I was too late to ... Read Chapter

hello and goodbye

Submitted: June 07, 2017

HELLO AND GOODBYE     Underneath the night sky With my eyes closed I'm counting memories As many as ... Read Chapter

the i-love-you in colorful

Submitted: June 07, 2017

THE I-LOVE-YOU IN COLORFUL   She hated colorful things. She hated colors... But she loved the color gray. She loved on... Read Chapter

if time permits

Submitted: June 07, 2017

IF TIME PERMITS   You could have met me, Not a piece of paper. I could have talked to you then we're no longer stran... Read Chapter

a liar's lie

Submitted: June 07, 2017

A LIAR'S LIE     "I'm lying." Is he? Is he not? "I want to believe him." Trust broken? Trust broken not? ... Read Chapter

the aftercolours

Submitted: June 07, 2017

THE AFTERCOLOURS     When that endless solitary blue Is tainted with that fiery red It's when I think of I and ... Read Chapter

the reader

Submitted: June 07, 2017

THE READER     She read and read word by word a paragraph to another. She studied each page of a book and t... Read Chapter

night sky

Submitted: June 07, 2017

NIGHT SKY   In him, I found a darkness I became fond of. A darkness - incomplete. Like the sky wanting to be... Read Chapter

her color

Submitted: June 07, 2017

HER COLOR     She is the sky She is a lonely blue Taking all shades of color To paint her monotoned world. ... Read Chapter

?? ??? (our bond)

Submitted: June 07, 2017

OUR BOND     A stranger to you A new face introduced The prologue of every friendship That's me, the moment y... Read Chapter

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