The Good in Goodbyes

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Is there really no good in goodbyes?

After all, 'bad is not a word to describe farewells either.'

Submitted: June 06, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017





"There is no good in goodbyes and nothing fair in farewells."

This statement has won the hearts of many people. It also became the opinion of most from the public. One can rarely hear someone side with the other outlook in the situation that there really is something good in goodbyes. For some time, this has been a one-sided argument; the positive point of view losing to the negativity of the other because of lesser numbers. Is there really no good in goodbyes?

After all, 'bad is not a word to describe farewells either.'


There is no exact research about how many people sides with this opinion and the other but based on some data, observation and a quick inquire on people's opinion, the 'no good in goodbye' side is obviously winning in the argument.

People stated,

"How could farewells be good if it hurts so much?"

"The only thing that comes out from goodbyes is heartbreaks."

"Letting go of one part of your life, how is that any good?"


Farewell is an ending, a closure but it is also a door, opening and welcoming another chapter in one's life.

"I feel like we all have some love in our past that we look back on with fondness. But if it hadn't ended, I wouldn't be married to my husband; that person wouldn't have his little girl and his wife and be so happy with them. Even though it's horrible at the time it was over, thank God that didn't work out. You were wishing you'd get back together and praying that you'd get back together but thank God it didn't happen because you're both extremely happy and exactly where you're supposed to be now."

These were the words of Carrie Underwood, the singer who sang the song 'Good in Goodbye.' She explained here how some prayers are meant to be unanswered because sometimes life leads us down a different road, a road we least expect but makes us the happiest we've ever been and exchanging goodbyes were part of the process.


Farewell is also a form of acceptance to an ending, but how does one really embrace an end? It is through letting go and moving on. Goodbye makes people stronger than how they used to be that way. It develops a person, setting one free from one's past. Through living on, people learn to accept that nothing but change is constant in this world. Through goodbyes, people learn to not take anything for granted because the loss is great. A person can be visibly seen still holding on to the past through what they say, through how they act; sometimes they may be even labeled by the public as the 'bitter' ones. That is where 'goodbye' comes in. Goodbye helps a person to become better, not bitter. It helps people to let go, accept and face another new day with a smile imprinted on their faces.


Goodbyes can also mean good riddance; like goodbye to the problems, to the pain and to every sad thing. No matter how one can be so happy with something or someone, it is still inevitable for one to get hurt. It's exactly like how love can make a person be the happiest he or she has ever been yet the saddest as well. Another thing is that in people's life, there will always be a part of it which they want to get rid of. It's because not everything a person keeps with one's self makes one happy. There might be some which annoys them, troubles them and that is why people would want to say goodbye to it to finally end it.


There is this song entitled "No Good in Goodbye" sung by the Script. The band explained the meaning behind the song, saying that it was about the words people say when leaving someone instead of working to make things better. "We say all these things to each other like, Goodbye, nice try and farewell. We thought it was weird that we say these things to each other when leaving. There really is no Good in Goodbye, there is no nice in nice try and so on. The song's about that moment when two people react to something bad in their lives and decide to walk away from each other instead of fighting for it."These were their words.


People don't want to end badly and that is why there's good in goodbye. There will always be an end to everything and people should face that fact and live on. Yes, farewells sting the heart and bring tears to one's eyes. It's bittersweet like love but it's the only word one can say to set them free, help them move on and be happy with a new chapter in their life, one in which may be the climax of their story. Every goodbye is an ending but also another beginning. Every goodbye has a purpose and an answer as to why it had to be done. Someday, one will see the reason why and admit that there really is good in goodbye.

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