A Piece of History Gone?

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A Piece of History Gone highlights the question:

"Which is better? Past or Future? History or Advancement?"

A Piece of History Gone shows us or tells us the importance of making a wise decision. It also shows how people, in their own different ways, handle the question at hand with certainty in their own choice. It shows the interaction or the argument between the contradicting characters, the ones who agreed with the ones who disagree. It also shows to the audience the hardship of the undecided undergoing their travel around the labyrinth of indecisiveness.

Two choices, one question. The local government is deciding on their plan to demolish the town's rice fields into an industrial park. Put yourself in the shoes of the townspeople. Will you.... Agree? Disagree?

Submitted: June 06, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017



Tick Tock Tick Tock, goes the clock. Time passes by as the heartbeat of the past dies...
1st Narrator: History, as we all know, is the basic start of all things. It is far too important to forget. Far too memorable... But have you ever asked yourself which is more important: Past or Future? History or Advancement? Dear Audience, I hereby welcome you to the place where words are given life and what we think becomes a reality. Welcome to our reader's theatre!
2nd Narrator: Favored upon by the local government, the plan to convert the town's rice fields into an industrial park has been announced to the public. Most of the folks disagree knowing the value behind the place that will be demolished while those who look forward to the development of their town agree with the plan. Arguments and debates soon started...
Two people of professionalism, one same goal to fulfill, advancing steps into the future, forgetting the past they dealt with...

Businessman: A pleasant day to you, engineer. How's the plan going? Is the landmass enough for the desired output of the industrial park?
Municipal Engineer: A good day to you too, ma'am. Well, the plan is going great but I'm afraid we'll have to demolish one of the bridges. They don't hold any importance anyway, do they?
Businessman: Sure, go ahead. You can demolish that old bridge. Important or not, the future of our town relies on this project.
Municipal Engineer: True and professional words you say, good ma'am. I agree with you completely.
3rd Narrator: A lover of history, furious as to what she heard, approaches the two and with words, attacks them with full certainty on what she stands for.
Historian: I am sorry to interrupt your conversation but I have to admit that my ears couldn't ignore what I just overheard. Can I have a word with you two?
Municipal Engineer: Listening to a conversation that doesn't involve you is simply so rude. And now why would you think we'll let you have a word with us?
Historian: It is because I have the right to voice out my opinions on what I stand for and also because my words are not to be ignored easily.
Municipal Engineer: Still-
Businessman: Let her. Let her speak up. *turns to the Historian* Hurry up because time, for us, is gold unlike you historians who lock themselves up in the past.
Historian: We study about the past, not lock ourselves up in it. You two know nothing about history at all, don't you? You know what this is? *points to the brain* This is the mind which also serves as the storage room of our past, our experiences. Our history which is basically the roots of where we came from and it even helps a society to grow and build upon past accomplishments. That is how important history is. So if you know nothing about it, you have no right to insult us, historians.
Municipal Engineer: Hmm... So by telling us all this, what are you meaning to say?
Historian: Well... Do you know of the historical value behind that bridge you pointed out a while ago? The one that is to be demolished? You can't just do that, you know. To demolish a piec-
Businessman: As I said, important or not, what matters most is the result of the plan, the advancement of the town. For us who lives in a busy setting at the present time, we care not about the past but about our high expectations for the future. That is what we prioritize so enough talk about history and let us dwell in our plans for the industrial park, my fellow engineer.
Municipal Engineer: But she makes sense doesn-
Businessman: Let's just do our job, okay?
Historian: At least they listened...

History or Advancement? A decision so hard to make. If possible, I'd choose something else, something in-between. But that is impossible, since there was no such choice given.
4th Narrator: And so the scenario changes to the lives of the undecided whom struggling hard on trying to make the right choice for their town, for themselves... The local government still haven't finalized their plan of changing the rice fields into an industrial park. Why? Well, most of the residents disagree with this plan, some agree, while a few still remains undecided. The local government then decided to put the fate of their plan for their town in the hands of the undecided, a risky decision they have made.
Student: Mother, did you watch the news last night? I fell asleep so I never got to know anything about it.
Mother: Yes, my dear. What do you need the news for?
Student: Can you please, please give me a brief description and your own opinion on the hottest issue in our locality? The teacher, for sure, will ask us about it.
Mother: Well, the hottest local issue right now is the local government's plan to demolish the town's rice field to an industrial park though many of the folks disagree with it and only some agrees. So they're trying to finalize everything through a majority of votes.
Student: Oh... Which side are you on, mother? Do you agree with the plan or not?
Mother: To be honest, I don't like the plan at all.
Student: Why not, mother?
Mother: I've spent my entire life in this town, enjoying its peacefulness, simplicity and tranquillity. Imagine it, not only will a resourceful amount of rice will be gone from us but also a part of history will be demolished. I think we are sacrificing too much only to give landmass for industries which will ruin everything I ever admired in this town. Gone will be the tranquillity, replaced with the noise. Gone will be the peace, replaced by a crowd of busy people. Gone will be the simplicity I adored, replaced by smoke or chemical-producing buildings. All this is pushing my conscience to tell me that this plan is not a good idea at all. Don't you agree, dear?
Student: Well... I'm not exactly sure yet-
5th Narrator: The beeping of a bus interrupted the student. Beep Beep. The student quickly finished her breakfast, gathered her things and said goodbye to her lovely mother as she went out of the house.
Teacher: Class, do you know what's hot in the news recently?
Student: The hottest news tells about the demolishment of the rice fields into an industrial park. Am I right, Teacher?
Teacher: That is correct, my dear student.
Student: Ma'am, may I hear your opinion towards this issue?
Teacher: Of course you may. After me though, I would also like to hear all of your opinions, understood students?
Students: Yes Teacher...
Teacher: Well, in all honesty, I can say I agree with the plan. Why? Because the demolishment of the rice fields to an industrial park will truly develop our town's economy. It will enhance our products more if industries exist. Don't you know that without industries we, our town, won't be able to progress? The progress of one town is measured to the extent of its industrial development. That is why, for the future of our town, an industrial park should be made. That's how important this plan is to our government.
Students: oh...
Teacher: Now I would like to hear you comments towards the issue, starting with you, Patricia.
Student: Truth is, teacher, I am...
The past or the future? History or Advancement? A choice must be made. So, dear audience, have you chosen which is better?
6th Narrator: The future, as we all know, cannot start without a history. But I wonder if it can exist lacking a piece of history? Can you imagine it?
A Piece of History Gone?

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