I Lose Myself In You

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This poem is very special, as I wrote it looking at someone. I was in love with this person, and one night, as he was studying for his finals, I was inspired by all the awesomeness that he is, and wrote him this poem. Though we're no longer together, we remained close throughout the years and he'll forever hold a place in my heart.

Submitted: June 07, 2017

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Submitted: June 07, 2017



I lose myself in You.

I love your morning, sleepy stare,
And the way you play with your hair.
I live for the spontaneous moments,
And the random, 1am comments.

Whenever I burst into song,
I love that you playfully sing along.
I also like the goodbye kiss,
And that all day, it’s you I miss.

And every time I hold your hand,
It feels so epic and so grand.
We might argue and we might fight,
But you’re never out of sight.

I hate when you say we’re moving too fast,
And it’s because you want this to last.
But I get mad and that’s unfair;
I know you do it ‘cause you care.

Don’t know if you’re my one and only,
But at nights I’m never feeling lonely.
And when I wake up and see your face,
It’s really the best of my days.

Sometimes I lose myself in you,
And I can tell that this is true.
I know we’re on the right track,
When you look at me right back. 

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