Deadly Surprise

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Mike is a young man who has a crush on Tanya. He really likes her, but hasn't approached her for most of the school year because she is a shy girl. The last day of school is when things change. He finally gains the courage to talk to her and they hit it off quickly. Mike flirts with her and Tanya enjoys it. Both of them end up leaving school to go to her house to have sex. During this, she reveals something that wasn't expected at all. How will Mike react? How will Tanya respond to him?

Submitted: June 07, 2017

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Submitted: June 07, 2017




For a few months, Mike has had a crush on a girl at his school named Tanya. He hasn’t approached her yet though. Tanya is a shy girl. Mike normally doesn’t do well with shy girls. At times, he will want to rush things and the girl will get turned off quick. One thing for sure was he loved looking at Tanya’s body. He knew he would try to get her one day. His friends think he might have the ability to do it.

Now, it is the last day of 11th grade. Not a lot of people showed up to school. While Mike is walking the hallways, he sees Tanya from afar and stares at her. Tanya turns around and waves with a quick smile. He walks where she’s at and they start talking. They’re talking about what their plans will be for the summer. She still acts a bit shy during the conversation. Tanya ends up asking Mike why he’s just now talking. Mike tells her it’s because she’s shy. Tanya does acknowledge this then tells him she thought he was cute.

Since she said that, Mike starts flirting with her a little bit. She is blushing the entire time. Both of them are still walking, but Tanya suggests that he should go to her place to hang out. All they had to do was catch the Metro bus. Tanya lives extremely close to Iverson Mall. They sneak out of school through the back doors and walk to the P-12 bus. Tanya’s parents were in Hungary celebrating their 30-year anniversary, so they didn’t have to worry about them coming in. As soon as they step in the house, Tanya puts Mike’s body on the wall and proceeds to kiss him. At that moment, Mike knew she wanted to do more than hang out and she had a huge crush on him too. Mike is grabbing on her ass while she’s kissing him.

Tanya starts to suck him off and Mike is having the time of his life. She is like a succubus when it comes to oral sex. Mike has never felt this before from a girl. After all of this, she says they’re going to finish in her parent’s bedroom. Meanwhile, she tells Mike to wait in the room while she goes to her bedroom. Tanya has a surprise for him. She then comes to Mike after 3 minutes in a bondage outfit. Mike is laying there looking extremely confused. She immediately jumps on him and starts kissing him again. He likes it for a minute. Dude told her “I wasn’t expecting all of this. I’m out!” From there, things escalated. Tanya despises him now. She began to cuss him out and said he was weak.

Mike tried to calm her down. It totally didn’t work at all though. When Tanya was cussing him out, she was hiding brass knuckles in the back of her hand. The brass knuckles hit him in the back of his head and he fell down some steps. Mike was knocked out for a long period of time. In his unconscious state, Tanya cut off his fingers and his tongue. It sure was frightening to find this out once he became conscious. His parents called his phone and Tanya threw it out the window.

This girl acted like she did nothing wrong. She was basically a happy person and claimed she didn’t know who harmed him. As a matter of fact, Tanya at this moment believed he was just some stranger. Most of the day consisted of watching TV and attempting to feed him. Mike was shocked at all of this. He does not know her mental state. The next day? Something completely different.

Once Tanya woke him up around 9:30 a.m., it was straight torture. She forced him to give her oral sex, cut him with a switchblade, and tried to mess up his eyes by putting certain sprays in them. All he could do was cry and he normally doesn’t. In the evening, things began to intensify.

On the news, Mike was shown as a missing child and his parents were crying on there. Mike was relieved. Tanya wasn’t. Hearing about that made her plan change from extreme torture to plain old murder. She feels disrespected that he rejected her when they finally got together. A perfect plan is what she’s thinking of. The murder can’t be straight forward. Eventually, she comes up with one and tells Mike “Aye man, if you want to come back home, you have to do this one thing for me. Aite?” Mike nods his head and Tanya sets up in the bathroom. The murder is set up and she sits in her room for a bit. There’s a conflict going on in her mind. Tanya starts to have doubts for a minute. It’s not long before she stops and proceeds with the plan.

Entering the room is happy Tanya. She doesn’t know Mike again. Tanya tells Mike to follow her into the bathroom. Mike is wondering what’s in the tub. Tanya says to him, “Oh that’s some natural healing stuff. Get in there now. You have to go deep in it”. He goes in and when that happens, she does a weird grin and runs out quick to lock the door. Tanya admits it is acid in the bathtub while she hears him dying. All of a sudden, she gets sleepy. During her sleep, her parents come home a little early from Hungary.

They think everything is alright until the mom goes into the bathroom. Tanya’s mom sees what happened and immediately screams. The father goes to see what’s going on and he is speechless. This is devastating to them. Tanya’s parents have no choice, but to call the police. The police arrived in 15 minutes and they woke her up in order to arrest her. At the trial, it is revealed Tanya has multiple personality disorder. Due to her having this disorder, she pleads insanity and is put in a mental institution instead of prison. Mike’s parents were outraged over the verdict and the fact he was tortured and killed so viciously.


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