My Bridges Have Fallen

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Submitted: June 07, 2017

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Submitted: June 07, 2017



Wrap me up in forever. Drag me in with maybes. Limbs of restless motions murder my want to climb aboard the destruction . The steam of my failure has given me the power to stay afraid. And with this love she can be anyone.

A wounded soul Waiting the coming age of an angel suitor to save the face of grace. A luring mistress in a tower of a farewell fortress. She's the stars in eyes of men that are blind . A heart has became so narrow. Pierced with cupid's arrow. Now I'm a slave trapped by fate . No hope left to escape. She drowns me in desire that fuels me with rage .

My bridges have all fallen. My gaurd has let me down. I know if I go on living like this, I'll have no one around. Reb ribbon skies I never forget . There's not enough love to cleanse my regrets. Mindless madness in my thoughts I'm insane . I'll never find a way to kill all this pain.

Granite writings . Wind in the air. I choke on baby's breath , and cut myself on a harlots hair. I bask in the glory of Invisible protection . Awakening the trade of my soul for agonizing affection.

I feel the terror in each sip of her cup. As I beg for a noose to crawl back up. I've became a zombie Needless to say , With all the power of love I'll never see the light of day.

My bridges have all fallen . I continue my prayers. If someone hears them, then I guess they just don't care. Her love has faded away. And I'm still in torture of this darkened place. But if only for a second , I catch a glimpse of true love calling . In a time before my bridges began falling. Love has shown it's ugly face once and for all . Jesus , are you listening up there ? To anyone at all ?...

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