thrash girl

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she thrashed

Submitted: June 07, 2017

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Submitted: June 07, 2017



She thrashed with me

In the midst of a crowd jostling and flailing

Bodies on bodies all swinging and kicking, throwing one another side to side and to the floor

She thrashed

Her soul enamoured with the howls and roars of the God basking in the deep red radiance beaming down from the heaven above It roared out a powerful demand. There were no words but the call incited war.

She thrashed with me We slammed and pounded I toppled giants and rushed at armies

We rain into the pit of serpents running and within the cyclone we spun round and round.

She thrashed with me arm and arm

Basking within the flames of rage passion and severity.

She thrashed. We fought we clobbered and basked.

She thrashed

Our bodies flinging through the air

She thrashed

In the call of the demons and Gods we basked

And she thrashed

With me she thrashed for hours on end we thrashed

To the roars and cries of subjegated soul releasing the pent up muck built up from everyday human lives.

We fought and clawed and slammed and thrashed

She thrashed with me......

For one night she thrashed with me.

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