Like candy in your hand

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A silly thankyou, but sincere all the same

Submitted: June 07, 2017

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Submitted: June 07, 2017



I have the power. To make you cringe in your chair.

Write the words that just make you want to rip out your hair.

Words that make you cry, and if I really try, it can get you so high.

Exhilaration at its finest, blowing past the breeze. I can piss you off, and I'll be completely at ease.

From the other side of this very thin screen, I can almost hear the tortured screams.

Sick as it is, it must be true. Otherwise, Why would it even matter to you?

Words have power. They form in your mouth.

Lie to me, and I'll still have no doubt. I can take you on an adventure, so far away from that chair you sit in. Make you see past the charades, and wonder what's real within.

You can do it too, most of you have. It's a power everyone has.

You've made me sad, happy and mad, with all of the stories you spin.

  Readers feel what you feel, it's how you win.

Show them the way, paved in gold. Tell them it's silver, it'll never get old. The excitement in their eyes, the fire in your head. Makes someone want to fly, even when they feel so dead.

So this is my thanks, to all the people in power. The ones that create new worlds, and new species of flowers. Wow, that was quite a lame rhyme.

I best try again, another time.

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