The Alaska Tapes - Welcome To My World .. .(Part Two)

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Alaska Dawn Morgan-Singh continues her story.

Submitted: June 07, 2017

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Submitted: June 07, 2017




Nashville, Tennessee ~

Hello! Is this durn thing even ON??

Alaska Morgan here.  Continuing with my story.  Here goes nothing ....

True to his word, Bindu surprised Mom and myself by giving us an Alaskan cruise.  My dream of wanting to go to Alaska, the place where I had been conceived, was about to come true. I had always wanted to see the northern lights blazing in the nighttime sky and the mountains, let alone, wildlife.  Now I was about to get that chance.  Excited was NOT the word!!

I was thrilled. Beyond thrilled. Estatic.  Excited.  Pumped.  

Soon, Mom and I were counting down the days to when we would fly from Nashville, Tennesee (where we lived) to Seattle, Washington, then to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; we would be on board the Princess cruise ship the Coral Princess for seven wonderful days, with stops in Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, and Glacier Bay National Park in Gustavus, not to mention, College Fjord, before disembarking our ship in Whittier.  We would then get on a train immediately after exiting our ship and head to Talkeetna; it would be a very long ride (7-8 hours, I'm told).

All of it sounded terribly wonderful and exciting; but at the same time, I was nervous: I had never been on a cruise (let alone a ship); I was worried that I would get seasick and throw up all over.  That would just be my luck ... or fall down ... (my balance isn't that great; remember, I have a joint and movement disorder; born with it).  

The weeks seemed to fly by.  Soon we were at the airport, checking in and going through security.  After clearing security, we headed for our gate, where we would board our plane and head for Seattle, Washington.  I was one excited chica, let me tell you!! I could not stop talking or laughing; Mom and Papa-Bindu were excited too: for they wre getting married, right on ship, during our cruise!!  I would soon have a step father in my life; while he wouldn't ever take the place of my own daddy, he would be a male figure in my life, and I definitely needed that.  And Mom needed a mate; I could tell she still missed her husband terribly; she still seemed sad at times.

I know I was probably driving Mom and Papa-Bindu crazy with my hyperactivity; I always was hyper whenever I got excited about something.  I loved Bindu from the start: he treated me like the daughter he had never had (he didn't have any children), and he was really good to Mom.  It felt good to see Mom smiling again and it felt good to have a man who cared about her and about me.

Soon, we were on the plane!!  It wouldn't be long before we would taxi down the runway and then fly to Washington State (go northwest, young Alaska!!), and then to Canada!!  Our Alaskan Adventure was about to start!!!!!!!

*To be continued!*

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