The Island

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The group makes their way to the cave. But a mistake happens that they may become the creatures meal. While Officer Tim and Cameron try to help Terry out.

Chapter 17 (v.1) - The Island Section 1

Submitted: June 07, 2017

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Submitted: June 07, 2017



Footsteps walking. Erocodiles sleeping. We're almost there; said Officer John. Buzzing in distance. All look around eggs. Bee buzzing then tried flying. It's injured; said Jesse. We need to keep moving. It'll die, so let's go; said Officer John. Shoot it; said Lisa. No, it'll wake the creatures; said Officer John. Lisa grabs Officer John's arm. Officer John raises gun. Gun fires then echoes. Erocodiles wake up then snarl. Run; said Officer John.

All run towards cave. Snakes appear. Mosquito's and bees fly out of bushes. Kimberly hides behind eggs. Snake sees Kimberly then hisses. Kimberly screams. Snake eats Kimberly. Allisyn trips. Bee flies towards Allisyn. Gun fires. Bee falls. Bill appears. Get up; said Bill. Both running. Lisa running. Shadow appears over Lisa. Lisa screams then gets squashed. Jesse falls. Mosquito lands by Jesse. Gun fores. Let's move...Fiona; said Officer John. Gun clicks. Bee swoops down , grabs Fiona then flies away.

Fiona screams. Erocodile eats bee and Fiona. No; said Jesse. Everyone, hurry; said Officer John. All run to cave. Officer John sees Bill. You all right; asked Bill. Yeah...thanks for coming back; said Officer John. No problem...let's continue on; said Bill. It's pretty dark; said Jesse. Here, I brought some lights; said Bill. Lights turn on. Terry looks. Leech appears. Gun fires. Leech falls. Hold on, Terry; said Officer Tim seeing more leeches. You two go on; said Terry. No; said Cameron. There's too many, just go; said Terry. Goodbye Terry; said Officer Tim. Both walk upstairs. Leeches attack Terry. Terry screams. Scream echoes.

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