Seduced Is A Girl Called Wednesday

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Submitted: June 07, 2017

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Submitted: June 07, 2017



Wednesday cries the lonely blues. If only someone had walked in her shoes. I've carried her heart for what seemed to far. She was an orphan soul from a falling star . Just waiting for the bells . They ring and chime their blessings in her mind . I must save her before the end of time.

Gallantly , she crawls to me . Like a slave on her knees . There are needs that I live without. But I force her to know, that I need her right now. I have missed her forever. My path on the golden streets has lifted my heart from the fire. She is wrapped in a lament , and suffers my desire.

Wednesday ,If I just could. I'd burn away this world, and dress you all in pearls . Give you anything you wanted . For my strength has drowned. Your new king shall be crowned . I'll be forever lonely. But until then , I'll see you in my dreams . I'll mute your painful screams. For your the madness in my eyes. A gift of eternal prize. Your the reason that I drive .

Wednesday , your the vacant feelings . I have grown to hate. Kiss me in my dreams , and save my fate.

Your the scent of perfume . In the air. Your the restless seasons struck down somewhere. Your the ruins standing still full of sights. Your the ageless beauty tucked in my eyes. Your the glowing fortune that buries my past. Your the holding promise at rest at last .. Wednesday , I swear I will not roam . I will follow you on home. Greet you with my pleasure. And If I could I'd keep you in my life . I'd hold you through the night. Until I am washed out ..

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