When I was 1 I was just begun, now that I'm 23....

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Written at the tender age of 23.... searching for all the answers, where is love and what does it look like?

Submitted: June 07, 2017

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Submitted: June 07, 2017



When I was one I was just begun, when I was two I was nearly new...........

Now that I'm older I have to be bolder, but my life's not complete without you.

But, who are you? Where do you fit in? Where do you begin?

Where will I find you? How will I define you?

When will I know you? How do I show you?

How will you reach me? What will you teach me?

What will you make me feel? Will it be so unreal?

Will I believe you? Will I just deceive you?

Should I bestow on you, all that I owe to you?

Will you enrich me, or will you just ditch me?

Will you adore me, will you just bore me?

When I was 23 I knew what I had to be..........



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