I am Telekenetic,

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I wanted to try flash-fiction.
Hope you all enjoy it!

Submitted: June 07, 2017

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Submitted: June 07, 2017



I popped out my brown contact lenses and set them in their case on my dresser.

Freedom! I did a mini happy-dance.

These were the moments I enjoyed most: when I was alone in my apartment unleashing my power.

I focused hard and stared at my hairbrush, I called the cells in it to come to me, it slowly began to lift off the dresser, I pictured it in my mind and beckoned it with my eyes to my hand.

Then I sent it spinning into the wall, it cracked the paint, again.

That is the 3rd time this week that has happened.

Nobody, not even my family knew of my ability, I wear contact lenses so that no one can see I have multicolored eyes.

I sent the hairbrush back to the dresser, and told it’s cells to stay put.

I woke up the next morning and there was a note pinned to my fridge “I know what you can do Sara, I can too. Contact me at this number” then there was a phone number written under it.

I called the number, “Hello this is Benjamin Rander, what can I do for you?” a voice answered my call, “I am Sara, you left a note pinned to my fridge” I said unsure of myself.

“Ah, about your Telekinesis”  he said “Yes, how do you know about it? in fact how do you even know my name?” I say getting nervous, I have never spoken about my ability.

“I watched you, now you need to know this: there is a whole team of people like you” he started “I am their representative, and I am here to ask you to join our team, we will teach you how to control your ability, and use it for better purposes”

I am not alone!

“Yes, I would love to!” I practically scream, “very well, then we will meet you in your living room tonight” then he hangs up.

That night at 1:00 A.M a man climbs in through my window, there are 2 other guys behind him.

“Hi, I’m Benjamin, you can call me Ben, these are my bodyguards” he says, “they are both ex-FBI agents: Max, and Drew” they both shake hands with me.

Now call this piece of paper to your hand, woah that went into my head! He didn’t talk!

“yes I also have telepathy, not all of us do, now call this to your hand” he says holding up a paper wieght.

I do so.

“Ok lets bring you to our base!”

As I walk out the door, I can’t believe how much my life changed over night.

And I am happier than I have ever been.


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