Stranger on a Plane

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Evil on a plane.....

Submitted: June 07, 2017

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Submitted: June 07, 2017



I have an eerie feeling something might be very wrong.

I am seated and sweating in the  departure lounge at Bangkok airport. The flight is scheduled to go back to my home. After a hectic 3 days in Thailand and my work completed  ahead of time, I am able to leave now.


My suit is crumpled and I have ditched my business gold tie and placed into the attaché case which I am now holding. I  have an open neck shirt. Need  another shower but no chance . I notice the time is almost midnight, so boarding due in a few minutes. At the check- in I was told my plane almost full. Confirmed by the size of the crowd around me awaiting the opening of the departure gate.


But why am I feeling so strange? Maybe not enough sleep over the last few days?

I remember many years ago when younger I had a similar odd feeling when I was at school and within a few hours a disaster at my school with fatalities. However I was unharmed.

And I tell myself to dismiss my current negative thoughts : relax and be happy.


Then the boarding announcements are made. I get to the gate and give my passport and boarding pass to the attractive Asian attendant. She gives me a smile. I know my large eyes which are strikingly blue will get a reaction and I return her smile with a grin. I get my documents returned.

There seemed to be an instant connection between me and the attendant at the gate but alas not possible.

Ah well….another time, another place….


I stroll along to the enclosed walkway for getting onto the aircraft. I am doing my best to ignore the nervousness and great anxiety that wants to engulf my body. Walk slower- I say to myself.


What on earth is wrong with me?!

I briefly close my eyes and slow my breathing.

Now I am at my seat; it is more or less directly in the middle of the plane as I wanted.

I have an isle seat on the side and there is a window seat which is already occupied. As I put my attaché case in the overhead locker I try to ignore the occupant sitting in the window seat.

But I can feel this man is the reason for my foreboding.

There is something cold, calculating and sinister about him.

His face is like someone possessed. Whilst dressed plainly in  drab grey there is an aura of great evil emanating from him.

The eyes are cold and black. He is engrossed in reading some foreign language newspaper and outwardly  pays no attention to me.

 I resolve to try to do the same to him.

I shudder inwardly. But keep calm I say to myself.


A few hours into the flight my thoughts and feelings are intolerable. I know this man next to me is badness itself.  Without him saying or doing anything there is hate and hostility.  Am I in the presence of sheer evil?

My instinct tells me something needs to be done. And needs to be done immediately.

But suddenly the strange man next to me gets up and motions for me to allow him to leave his seat.

He walks rapidly down the aisle into the bathroom. He has disappeared .

I shut my eyes and I pray…


Oh my God.

I open my eyes.

I am in the bathroom.

I am shaking with so much  excitement one of my blue contact lenses falls out and my excess sweating causes the white powder that has been disguising  my face color to reveal my dark complexion.

I realize the strange man was never there. He is a figment of what part of me fear what  I have become. The evil presence next to me on the plane is just an extension of myself. All the time this fear  and doubt tried to overwhelm me….and dissuade me from my mission.


But I must do what I am told is right.

 I recall the training over many years culminating in my 3 days in Bangkok.  Already I have obeyed my leaders by  picking up the attaché case hidden in the cleaning trolley near the departure gate. The case filled with explosives is currently where I placed it in the overhead locker above my seat. All I need do now is get the detonation trigger which  my accomplices hid behind the waste bin of this bathroom toilet.

Within seconds I recover it and just before pressing the button and an almighty blast I shout the words:

"This is for Allah!"




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