The Rake

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Submitted: June 07, 2017

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Submitted: June 07, 2017



The Rake


Elijah Staley


A screech woke me up with a fright.

I look through my window at the dark night

I saw a figure that was the color of white


The figure looked at me. I tried not the scream

I saw it’s white face and it’s white glowing eyes

It walked over to my window and we stared into each other's eyes

I put my hand to the window, the creature did the same


I got out of my bed, and walked out of my room

I kept walking until I came to the front door of my small home

I turned the knob and opened the heavy white door

When I looked outside, there it was. The white slender like creature


There standing outside in front of me, looking down at my face

The creature bent down at looked at my expression

I was scared but I was brave

I raised my hand, and touched the creature’s face, it felt like stone


From that day forward, that creature became a legend

That legend was titled, “The Rake”

And I never saw The Rake ever again













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