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A piece about being troubled

Submitted: June 07, 2017

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Submitted: June 07, 2017



How do I live without a heart ?

Walking this dark path all alone, feels as though no one would ever understand.

No one reads between the lines, even though they withhold the power to do so, they still over look it.

Blind to reality they'd rather believe what's fake, before they ever have to face what's real.

Troubled,my hearts been broken, bruised, beaten, and crushed.

My trust has been shattered, my faith has been tested.

My mind has began to wonder, was this supposed to be?

The better question is why me?

The pain I've had to endure, why me ?

The million tears I've cried, the sleepless nights, the endless fights, the loneliness I continue to feel , why me ?

Unsure if I'd make it out situations alive at times.

It's so dark now I used to search for the light.

Now I just accept it for what it is, I'm here but I'm not.

Trying to find love in this cold cruel world.

Endlessly searching for something my heart cries for, even though I know the side effects.

Lonely nights spent in dark places with nothing more than my very own tears to comfort me and let me know I'm still alive.

Acting as though nothing bothers me And I could careless.

The thing is no one seems to see me battling myself to make it so I don't care and I'm not bothered.

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