A True Hero

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Just a little love poem written for my soulmate

Submitted: June 07, 2017

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Submitted: June 07, 2017



You call me beautiful.

You tell me my eyes are gorgeous, my lips are as soft as flower petals, my smile lights up your day.

But how could something so beautiful

Contain such a dark heart?

How can you see the light inside of me

When the smothering blackness chokes it into near-extinction?

How are you able to stand so strong and hold us both up?

Especially with so much weighing me down.


"Weighing us down dear."


Your words strike my brain like lightning, their thunderous echo reverberating in my skull as I struggle to find a suitable response. And in that instant, memories begin to glow like stars in my mind.


The first time you stopped me from crying ("you're my little angel")


The first time you stayed up all night with me because I was protesting my curfew ("if one of us makes a stand then we stand together right?")


The first time we truly fought...and made up nine hours later ("can we just talk again I miss you")


The first time we celebrated our birthdays together ("this day is extremely special especially to me because *you* are extremely special, especially to me")


The first time you told me you loved me ("what better way to tell a sweet girl you love her than with a sweet gesture?")


The day you said you'd never leave ("I promise baby I love you way too much for me to leave")


The day you told me you'd fight for me ("I'll fight to change the future because I won't accept anything less")


And suddenly, a new memory enters my mind as I find myself in your arms, your one simple sentence relighting the spark I thought I had lost forever.


"I love you my crazy little goofball."


At last, a response surfaces in my mind. It's short, barely even a complete sentence. But six words are all I need.


"I love you too, my hero."

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