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There is beauty everywhere

Submitted: June 07, 2017

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Submitted: June 07, 2017



You are beautiful


Emotions raw and true

Covering your heart in handprints

Like the finger-painting of a child

A collection of reds and blues and greens

Permanent enough to be fused into every memory

Yet still able to fade with time

A smile

A tear

A furrowed brow


You are beautiful


A vocabulary as expansive as acres of land

But words chosen as carefully as a farmer

Picking the cream of the crop

And savored like a fresh and juicy tangerine

Changing the minds of youths with just

A sentence

A poem

An entire story


You are beautiful


A soul as ancient as time

Made up of the broken-down rocks

Reborn into sand

With shells full of wisdom buried within

Unearthed by those who are truly deserving

A fossil

An urchin

A pearl


You are beautiful

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