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Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



When to unlikely people meet you never know what kind of situation would bring them together.
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When to unlikely people meet you never know what kind of situation would bring them together.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Mia - 1-

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Submitted: June 07, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 07, 2017



Some say, “Finding someone you love is finding the glue that holds your life together.”  I think I’ve found who I’m going to be stuck to and didn’t think things can get any better. I’ve found the man of my dreams and he has asked me to marry him. My job just gave me a promotion and I’m taking a trip to Paris. What better way to celebrate than to go out with my best friend and have drinks?

Now Pam and I have known each other since grade school. She has been with me through all my crazy life problems. She usually gives me the best advice, even though I think she’s wrong about some things, I try to listen for the most part.

“Mia. Do you really want to marry Brad?”

“Why do you ask me that every time we hang out?”

“I’m just making sure, something you really want do.”

“I’m pretty positive. Tell me what you think.”


Please join us on November First of

Two Thousand Seventeen to celebrate

The union of

Bradley Daniels and Mia Fluer


Pam stared card for way too long.

“Can Brad take your last name?”

I stared at Pam hard. We lasted about five seconds before we busted out laughing. Pam wants to joke been in a lot of projects I could feel the sting of truth and what she was saying. I think her brutal honesty has kept her from finding her own love. She usually scares men away after the first few days. I still love being around her, even though she hates Brad.

“I have other news too, you know?”

“Oh really? Better than showing me your fancy wedding invitations?”

“I got a promotion. A good one.“

“No shit?”

“No more night shifts for me. I’m working day shifts in Labor and Delivery. Which means no more day drinking for us.”

Pam gave me a huge hug. She pushed me to become a nurse when I was confused about what I wanted to do. She’s been a pretty good rock. I really think she just wanted me to be a nurse so that we can work together. She does administration work at the hospital and got me in for a job right after I got out of school. Didn’t really work out the way she planned but we see each other plenty. 

I looked down at my phone. It’s 3:30.

“I have to go.”

“So soon? We’ve only had on celebratory drink.”

“I know, I know. I was going to surprise Brad by making him nice dinner before he got off work.”

“I don’t get you. You get a promotion at work and you go home and cook for him.

“What can I say? I’m weird.”

Pam gives me her epic eye roll. Sometimes I wonder if the make a full circle.

“We do so much for him. He better do something romantic for you in Paris or will throat punch him.”

She’s always so violent with her statements

“I will let him know.”


Even though I got up to leave Pam ordered another drink. I guess I’m not going to rain on her parade.

Shopping at the grocery store is something I hate to do but today It’s fun knowing I’m going to be making Brad dinner. He’s going to love it! I’m not the best cook but when we first started dating I made an effort to learn how to cook. The first meal I made for him was Chicken Alfredo. He loved it so much he didn’t leave one morsel of food one his plate. He says I should only cook that for special occasions so I think my promotion is a good reason.

Sometimes I wonder how I even landed Brad. I mean I’m not bad looking, but he is like an eleven. He works out every morning and I thank the god that he does. It also doesn’t hurt he has a face so beautiful, with his green eyes and blonde hair, even men want to date him. I snagged him right when he got out of college. Now he’s a successful lawyer and we are taking a romantic trip to Paris in just two weeks. It’s like a fairy tale.

I finally hit the wine aisle, my favorite. I grab a few bottles while singing along to the music playing in the store.

I do cherish you
For the rest of my life
You don't have to think twice
I will love you still
From the depths of my soul
It's beyond my control
I've waited so long to say this to you
If you're asking do I love you this much
I do

I hug my bottle of wine and look over to see a concerned citizen staring at me. Trying to hide my blush, I put my bottle in the cart and head to the cash register.


After loading up the groceries, I head home.  I glance at my phone at it’s 4:30. I’m so happy I got this promotion. They gave me the day off so I can start on my day shifts tomorrow. Brad’s going to love having me home during normal hours again.

I pull into the driveway and Brad’s car is in the drive way. This is weird. He usually works until 7. Maybe Pam told him to come home and surprise me first. I could see her looking out for me like that. I grab the groceries and sneak into the house.  No one is going to out-surprise me!

The house is quiet except for some Jazz music playing in the other room. It’s kind of cheesy but I expect a naked eleven to be waiting for me on a bed of rose petals with candles lit. II quickly put the groceries on the counter, grab a bottle of wine and some glasses and head down the hall. I see the door is cracked.

“You’re so sexy.”

He must’ve heard me come in. I swing open the door.

“Here I aa…”

Well Brad was naked on the bed, just not on top of rose petals. Unless her name is Rose. Then I would be kind of right. Brad scrambled off of.. well let’s just call her Rose.

“Babe. What are you doing home?”

It was hard compute what was happening. I think my jaw hit the floor. Rose seemed slightly perplexed but not as stunned.

“Do you know her?”

Brad hopped off the bed and pulled on some pants.

“Maybe you should go.”

Rose took her time gathering her clothes and dressing. She walked passed me and gave me a smirk.

“I guess it’s your turn now.”

Brad shook his head and rushed to me with a hug. I pushed him back.

“What? Why? I mea…”

“She came over to help me find some things, I didn’t mean for this to happen. It was a mistake.

“Are you fucking serious?”

He goes in for a hug this time and I put my arms up in defense before He could complete it.

“Mia, I love you. Please I will make it up to you.”

He will make it up to me? How do you make that situation better.? I can’t stand to look at his face. This was a good day and this fucker couldn’t keep his dick in his pants so I could make him some god damned Alfredo Pasta.


“You know what Brad. Get out.”

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