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she invades my mind with a smile so kind

Submitted: June 07, 2017

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Submitted: June 07, 2017





at night, she dreams of you

sweat and muscle grew

within a heat of love few

I will never abandon this in lieu


of a better place, an easier way

for none can satisfy or strain face

like thee, none please me

your joker smile spreads awhile


just wait until you approach, nervous reproach

doubting every moment until the time roasts;

minutes pass and gazes locked, tears rise to toast

no more mock, respect and love is tender first


inching towards a better selfless worth

searches for a way to escape forth,

but not even the mind can race

she's far away, and feeling displaced


who knows if this is meant to be

but a fraction of me never leaves,

the hope remains even after a refrain

stolen heart grieves for promises left mean


there are many things I wish to express

but none can match a esoteric distress;

even she felt the blood rush within this mess

love is never perfect, and passion lost can remiss


perhaps it is the hurt child inside that ponders wide

or the hope filling a busy mind to cope (with loss)

staring into a clean mirror with lonely floss

it is too late to mope, only time for an elope


so I begin to plan a saving land

a surprise to reverse thine

you thought you saw me once

now look upon this countenance



© Copyright 2017 James Peña. All rights reserved.

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