Beauty And The Basket Case

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Submitted: June 08, 2017

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Run down ruins left by emotions. Slumber serum ,and hideous motions. I sweep up the shards of glass that were cried by her pitiful eyes. So long lost one. Devoured by the hands of time . As we live forever , you age like wine. Holding divinity ,and beholding your passion. I drink with caution for you're a poisoned fashion .

The days do bleed with shades of green . Birthing destruction , but keeping a love that's keen . A heart that leaks from the pain that sorrow brings. Is losing it's rhythm as I wash it clean . She treads on me In a place built by fear . Disaster like lightning when our hearts are near . Shrapnel falls from the sky . It tears and rips through my eyes. Breaking my heart was no surprise . You filled me with brutality a grudge of vengeance and pride. Her mind full of lust ,and My heart full of rust. My infection leaves me no one in which I can trust.

Fireplace letters burn down to ash. Nothing here can ever last. An old love that grows so deep . Has it's victims chewing charcoal teeth. But in the spires , In young need . A veiled promise to never die. I ride alone on the gauntlet . Of a June angel Possessed and haunted. To streak lightning , and cast a curse on the sky .

Her beauty granted . In return for a thirst . To kill wisemen who tried to love her first. She's a loon . A beast that howls at the moon. Hungry for anger,and to leave so soon. Crazy girl , you're the beauty in my world dressing caskets for the love you've left to die. In a darkened time .

I still linger on , and love you still . Only to be vanished into a thrill . I wake tonight and find me missing . All the time that can't be given back . I slay the words and murder the demons . That cursed you and your reasons. I'm out of style and out of season . I'm empty of love and out of feeling.. So bad. I miss me . And I miss everything We'll never be.

Beauty is waiting like a relic in the night . Longing for the next soul to be taken from life. Union hands and guarded crypts . Drive the anger until it wrecks. If no innocence is measured. I'll find a way to have my treasure. Until the heavens collide with the sky. Until my breath can no longer sigh. Until I stop asking god why ... Wrong love has destroyed my beautiful butterfly? .. If only she would catch my teardrops as I cry ...

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