The Routine

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Submitted: June 08, 2017

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Submitted: June 08, 2017



Samuel gets on the 6:00 a.m subway ride to go to work. He has had the same routine for the past 3 years. He gets up at 5:00 a.m to shower, eat breakfast, and walks to the subway station. He rides for 30 minutes and gets off in front of the local coffee shop where he works as a barista to save up for college, which he goes to next year. Every morning is the same for Samuel. A routine. That changed Monday morning.

Samuel got on the subway at 6:00 a.m to go to work. He sat down in his usual seat and observed the other passengers that were getting on. He sees some usual faces, a couple regular ones with a couple new ones. That’s when she saw the girl with the brown hair. Samuel and her met eyes and she sat down across from her. Samuel had never felt such a connection with anyone. He tried to distract himself by taking out a book to read, but he could not get his eyes off of her. She caught eyes with him again. Samuel’s face turned bright red and he looked back at the book. He looked up again. She was smiling while looking at her phone. Samuel wondered what she was smiling about. He was dying to know.

“We have arrived at Broadview Street. All passengers please approach the door in the back and exit immediately.” the loudspeaker said to the passengers. Broadview Street happens to be Samuel’s stop. He got off and got a one last look at the brown haired girl. Then he got off and repeated the rest of his routine.

On Tuesday morning, Samuel got on the same subway at the same time as he usually does. He sees some of the regular faces with a mix of the new ones. Then he finally sees who he was looking for. The girl with the brown haired girl. She sat down across from Samuel and took out a book to read. Samuel noticed that it was the same book he was reading yesterday. Was it a coincidence? Samuel really wanted to ask her but he just didn’t have the courage to. When the subway stopped at his stop, he got off and went to work, regretting not asking her about the book.

Wednesday morning came along and Samuel followed the same routine he always followed and sat in the same seat he always sat in. The brown haired girl got on and sat across from him. He smiled at her and waved. She smiled back and started to listen to music. Samuel felt like he now had started to make some progress. He decided that a smile wasn’t enough. He needed to talk to her. He stood up and was making his way across to her, when suddenly, a senior got in his way and made himself comfortable. They arrived at Samuel’s stop and he got off, once again regretting his lack of progress.

Thursday morning Samuel gets on the subway and follows the same routine he always does. He sat in the same seat yet something seemed different. Samuel was ready to talk to her. The brown haired girl. She got on and sat in the seat across from Samuel. He looked at her and smiled. She smiled back and put in her earbuds. He looked at her and told himself that talking to her shouldn’t be that hard. All he had to do was get up and sit next to her and talk to her. Samuel started to get up but sat right back down. What if she rejects him and doesn’t like him? What is she isn’t interested in him? He started listing all the negatives that could occur if he talked to her. He made up his mind. He was going to ask. He got up and exited the subway. He couldn’t do it. Not today.

Friday morning the brown haired girl sits down in the same seat she has been sitting in for the last four days. She takes out her phone and earbuds when she suddenly feels a hand on hers. It’s the boy who has been sitting across her throughout the week.

“Hey. My name is Samuel. What is yours?” asked Samuel.

“Autumn.” she tell Samuel.

Samuel finally had asked her the question that had been looming in his mind for the past week. He kept asking her questions about her life and he asked about his. Samuel had never had such a wonderful and colorful with anyone before. The conversation became five minutes. Ten minutes. Then Samuel completely missed his stop. He didn’t care. He is connecting with Autumn and he has never felt this way about someone before. The subway finally made it’s final stop.

“Thank you for the conversation Autumn. I really enjoyed it.” Samuel told Autumn as they both got off the subway.

“Yes, I very much enjoyed it. I look forward to having another conversation with you Samuel.” Autumn went left and walked away.

Samuel had never felt this happy before. He felt great and he wasn’t even bothered. Samuel now wondered how he was going to explain to his boss why he was so late. As Samuel walked down the street, he couldn’t help but think that his routine was going to change. Looks like this was a change for the better.


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