The Ronee' Files (Entry Two) (By Ronee Le-Anne Reaux, Aged 8 1/2)

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Ronee' Le-Anne Reaux, aged 8 1/2, writes another entry in her journal.

Submitted: June 08, 2017

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Submitted: June 08, 2017



Nashville, Tennessee, June~

Dear Journal~

Howdy! This is your little friend, Ronee' Le-Anne Reaux, writing!  I am excited: school ends today; I am not worried about not passing; I have worked hard all year and kept my grades up.  I am very proud of myself, and so is my family.

After today, we're on summer vacation! YAY!!  And next week is Fan Fair; we go every year.  I hope I see my favorite performers there; I am especially hoping that Loretta Lynn and Jimmy C. Newman show up.  Jimmy C. Newman is a Cajun music singer who sings at the Grand Ole Opry, and he's taken Cajun music 'round the world.  I love him too; he is very sweet and is a great entertainer!

We are probably gonna sing at different festivals 'round Tennessee and the south; we also have some bookings at fairs and festivals in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas.  So we will be traveling; sure am looking forward to it; love singing for the people and making 'em happy with my Cajun-country music!  :)  We will also see fireworks and just have fun, fun, and even MORE fun!!

The weather is sunny and cool right now; but it's supposed to warm up to the lower 80's.  A great day to go swimming once I get out of school; we get out of school at 12:30. Only three more hours!! Woo hoo!!  And speaking of school, today, Mrs. Hemingway (that's my teacher) is gonna have cookies and cake and soda pop for us kids to snack on; we're having a getting-out-of-school party.  :)  (And yes, I'll watch what I eat; have to be careful, what with my allergies; allergic to nuts!! I'll just ask if any of the stuff has nuts; if so, then I need to stay away!!)

I can't believe that in six months it will be Christmas ... and my birthday.  I'll be nine years old on Christmas Day; time sure flies! Seems like only yesterday I was in kindergarten; now I'm about to be in third grade!!  WOW!!

Well, I have to go; we're gonna clean out our desks and then play some games before our end-of-the-school-year party!  Will write in here again soon, probably next week, when we're at Fan Fair!! Whoop, whoop!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!  Gonna be a FUN, FANTASTIC summer!!  Happy summer, everybody!!  And God bless!

~Love, your friend in Tennessee, Ronee' Le-Anne.  :D

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